Thursday, March 03, 2011

Thursday Thought

When asked where she gets her ideas, children's book author Kate DiCamillo said, "From listening. From looking. From eavesdropping and imagining. Stories are everywhere and all you have to do is pay attention."

After watching the videos in this post by author Joy Jordan Lake, I am in a Kate DiCamillo phase. My plan is to read my way through her books with my kids, taking notes on what 2 pages a day will buy an author who perseveres. And pays attention.
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Wendy Bello said...

My daughter loves her books. And she came to the annual book fair last year and we had the chance to meet her and listen to her presentation of Bink and Gollie. There was a Q & A session too. Really cool!
She signed every single book, and there were MANY kids with books in their hands. I was really impressed to see her signing each book and smiling.

Stephanie Shott said...

Great thoughts! They may seems so simple, but looking, listening and really paying attention are almost a lost art in our drive through world of media excess disorder. :-)

Jean said...

I LOVE Kate DiCamillo's work and admire her talent and persistence.

Wonderful stories that ring true in people's hearts.