Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Thought: Just A Little Pencil

"We are all just a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world." Mother Teresa

In my new novel, my main character, Ariel ends up at a mother's group where all the other moms are busy taking notes and she has nothing to take notes with. She feels like I do a lot-- like a ditz who can't get her act together. Someone hands her one of those tiny pew pencils to write with and she makes do with that.

Sometimes I feel like one of those tiny pencils. The kind that barely has a point. The kind that some kid has chewed on and left teeth marks in the wood. The kind that no one would choose to write with, except in a real pinch.

And yet, it does the job.

When I saw the quote from Mother Teresa, I had to smile. Yes, we might be little pencils, but you put that little pencil in the hand of an all mighty God and, well, amazing things happen. I am not the best writer out there. I don't have this profound gift that makes people linger over my prose. I am not great at metaphors or descriptive phrases. My stories are kind of basic.

And yet, I do the job. I write the words I am given, one after the other. And I pray for God's blessing on those words. Whether I am penning a novel or a devotion or a blog post. I am a little pencil. Not the best writing utensil ever created.

And yet God uses me-- me!-- to send His love to the world. Not because I am the best, but because I am willing, bite marks, stubby point and all.

Are you willing to be a little pencil in the hands of a writing God?
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Deanna said...

Very inspiring this morning! God's given me a task that I need to step out in faith. It's what I've wanted, but I've been feeling a bit like that tiny pew pencil. I needed to be reminded of Who is doing the writing!

BTW, after I read The Mailbox, I passed it on to my Dad. He said he liked it as well as Nicholas Sparks. (I liked it, too!) I hope your next one is released in time for Father's Day. Then the challenge will be not reading it before I wrap it up and give it to him!

Zibilee said...

I am a tiny pencil too, and sometimes I feel like my lead is jiggling out, but I love this fact and that I can be used by the hand of God to write a miracle.

Wendy Bello said...

I loved it! I'm a very tiny pencil too. And my words too are basic. But I also believe in a wonderful God that makes masterpieces with tiny pencils and scraps of paper.

Anonymous said...

Your gift for writting is amazing for a little pencil.

Thank you for the inspiration.

God Bless
Christine Mc

Rachel Olsen said...

Terrific post. And you happen to be one of my favorite little pencils.

Kandi said...

Hi Marybeth,

Your blog is one of my favorites. Perhaps you feel your words are too basic. However, your obedience to write the words you are given more often not are the words this girl needs to hear.

From one tiny pencil to another, blessings to you.

Rebecca said...

I have been feeling just like that I SO need to get it together like all the other mothers that I meet. You know what though?! I'm coming to realize that I'm happy to just GET to be a mother at all. I do my best and God knows that. He will make something beautiful out of it all:) And when He does, I'll get to point to HIM and not me!

BTW, God has blessed me so much through your blog! I don't think you are a "little pencil" at all

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I am now relishing in the fact that I AM God's "Little Pencil!" Thank you so much for this God-Wink of a post today, Marybeth!

Oh, and I think you are a wonderful writer! You had stopped by my blog recently and left two very sweet little comments that brightened my world, and told me about your novel, "The Mailbox." I went out and got it recently, and I am now 9 chapters into your novel, and already I am in love with your writing style, and Lindsey's story.

Blessings to you,

Pam said...

I feel honored to have known you for most of your life! And you truly are a witness to God's greatness! Your thoughts mean so much to me! Keep 'em comin! Miss you my dear friend! Much love, Pam

Kristi Butler said...

I think that you are darlin' little pencil!! And you've blessed the lives of so many!! You should hear all of the accolades from your keynotes at Write2Ignite!!! You have a huge impact on lots of "little pencils"!!

Thank you!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hi Marybeth! I wanted to write you back, so this comment is in response to the comment you left on my blog earlier today:

I love subtle hints, especially when there is literature involved! Hehe! I would absolutely LOVE to go to the She Speaks Conference this year, but currently I am working part time as an assistant teacher at a Preschool and I don't have the funds to go right now, unless I get a scholarship. That excites me greatly to know that there 'might' just be another shot at winning a scholarship! Thank you for the info, and I will most definitely keep my eyes peeled.


Anonymous said...

Loved this! Many times I feel this way as weel, how can He use me- a stubby, chewed up pencil? But he still does! :)

Joyful said...

Marybeth, I absolutely, completely loved this writing! Not only that, but it was the inspiration I needed to be obedient to something I felt God calling me to do for almost two weeks now. Over the last three days I felt His direction even clearer, but I've been making excuses. His voice through your writing here issued the invitation again, and this time I responded to His call and followed. Thanks my friend.

Love, prayers and hugs,

Colleen said...

I am eagerly awaiting "The Mailbox" to arrive in MY mailbox! I love this post and the quote from Mother Theresa. How simply beautiful and eloquent!

I chuckled at the thought of the stubby pew pencils, and how I've struggled to write a prayer request with one to quickly get it to the pastors in time. I wonder... does God struggle with me like I do with those little pencils, only surprised to find out that they work after all? Maybe not as neatly as he'd like, but readable so that others can see His hand.

Cheri Bunch said...

Wow! This is a favorite!

I feel like the lead out of a mechanical pencil. Would someone please load me in the pencil so that I can get busy on some things!!!

Your post was so much more eloquent! I was very blessed by your beautiful prose. Thank you for sharing this!


Anonymous said...

Love that quote. Will save this post to remember how important a tiny pencil can be. I will be sharing this with the youth at my church. Thank you.