Friday, March 18, 2011

Belle Interviews Continued: Rachel Hauck

Continuing with my Southern Belle View interviews, meet Rachel Hauck! If you aren't checking out the Belles, please do drop by at

Hi Rachel! Thanks for stopping by today! Could you please share a little about who you are when you're not writing books??

RH: I think I'm always writing books. Either on deadline or in my head, preparing for the next book. But I'm always friend of Jesus, wife of Tony, daughter, sister and friend. Those aspects must remain.

When did you first realize you were a writer?

RH: Probably when I was in elementary school. I loved to write. I loved to keep journals. I loved to make stuff up. I wasn't a liar. I hate lying. I'm not good enough to lie, but I do love to create characters and give them life.

Share a little about your publishing journey.

RH: Networking. God's favor. Being at the right place (wink, wink) at the right time. I started writing in the mid '90s. That book was my learning book. Then the door opened for me to return to my old job -- which I'd quit -- and I didn't write for a few years. In '97, I attended Write to Publish where I met the lovely and newly published DiAnn Mills. In '01, I attended the Blue Ridge Writer's conference where I met ACFW president Lynn Coleman. The more I became involved with ACFW and other writers, the more favor I gained. Lynn suggested writing together for Heartsong Presents and those books became my first published works. I've been published ever since.

What book are you most proud of right now?

RH: Marybeth, that's like asked which kid you're most proud of! They all have aspects that make me feel good. I think I like the fast paced story of Softly and Tenderly, which I wrote with Sara Evans. But I love the layers in Dining with Joy. I recently finished a book called The Wedding Dress about a wedding gown worn by four women of the course of 100 years. It has an historical and contemporary story line which I enjoyed writing a lot.

What about being a "Belle" is most fun for you?

RH: Hanging out with the Belles! What great women and writers! I'm so honored to be on the southernbelleview blog.

Share a writing tip that you've stumbled upon in your years as a writer.

RH: Every character has to have a problem. It seems so minor and obvious, but even secondary characters need some kind of problem or issue that shows up on stage with the protagonist. It just makes the story more interesting. It doesn't have to be a big problem. Just something.

What's next for you?

RH: The third book in the Songbird Novels with Sara releases in Jan 2012, and The Wedding Dress in April 2012. Now, I'm working on new ideas! Got any? ;)

Thanks Marybeth!
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