Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Top Ten

Ten Things I Am Wondering About...

1. The direction of my writing. Will there be more books and, if so, what will they be?

2. My new book coming out in June. It's not a love story like Mailbox but I've been told by advance readers that it's a good one. Will it be well-received?

3. The power of the words Ann Voskamp shares in her new book, 1000 Gifts. How can I make gratitude a more natural part of my thought life?

4. How many days til spring?

5. Where will my oldest go to college?

6. Why can't my kids ever do chores without complaining? Even giving them more chores for complaining doesn't seem to help the next time.

7. What happens when you lose all motivation for meal planning and cooking? Is there a good way to get it back?

8. How can I add more time for writing in the midst of a busy schedule? How can I be more intentional about making it happen?

9. Will I be able to read all the books I want to read this year? It's a long list.

10. If I got a Kindle, would I find myself enjoying it? Will I ever get past my love of an old-fashioned printed book and join the ebook revolution?
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Caroline G. said...

I recently purchased Ann's book and am really enjoying it tremendously. Blessings to you, Caroline

Deb said...

Remember, it's February. Complaining always sounds loudest in February ;)

Marybeth said...

Deb, Amen! And hence the reason for question #4!!

Zibilee said...

The answer to #2 is that it will be very well received by at least one blogger that I know very well!

Lydia said...

I work as a private chef, and can't stand meal planning at home! So I challenge myself to find one new meal idea a week that I have never done before. That way it doesn't seem so monotonous. I love your blog, and thank you for your insight!

Aidan Donnelley Rowley @ Ivy League Insecurities said...

Thanks for sharing this list... And if you ever figure out how to add more writing time into your hectic schedule, please let me know!

Cheri Bunch said...

I started a journal of One Thousand Gifts! I am going to put your writing down as one of the gifts the Lord has given to me, Marybeth! I enjoy your work so much!

So many reasons to thank Him!


Anonymous said...

#10 I have wondered the same thing. I think we will always love books, but there are times when, I think, an e-reader be awesome. I do not have one yet, though. I think the solution is to by an iPad, then you still have a very amazing and useful device regardless of how much you enjoy/don't enjoy using the e-reader function.