Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Psalms For Moms

Psalms 51:12 Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me by Your generous Spirit.

Oh to be restored to the joy of salvation! To be brought back to that simplest of places where we realized the crux of our existence... to be saved even though we don't deserve it, to have grace reach through the muck and mud of our lives and tap us-- us!-- on the shoulder. That dawning realization that all of this-- this abundance-- can be taken hold of. Joy.

And yet we get busy and distracted and crazed and anxious and we lose the joy of our salvation. We start thinking about the tyranny of the urgent and we don't think about the sweet simplicity of the plan of salvation. We forget all about "the hour we first believed."

Just for today, let's try to focus on the joy of our salvation. Let's get back to our first love and feel God's arms under us, upholding us by His generous Spirit, freely given in exchange for placing our trust in Him.
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Shelia said...

Oh WOW!!! that's the exact verse I felt the Lord lead me to read this morning. i have been trying for so long to get in the routine of reading my bible in the mornings and just this week finally began (after much nudging from the Lord). And then this morning I am lead to read the entire Psalm 51 but truly focused on verses 10-12. Amazing how the Lord speaks and directs. Yes, it is a joy to be fully aware of our salvation. And to want to share it with others. Today is my day to focus on that and be held in His arms.

Zibilee said...

Thanks for sharing this with me, Marybeth. I often forget to think about this when I am going through stressful times.

Stefanie Brown said...

What a wonderful reminder. I have a tendency to jump into Martha Mode full force and let my Mary Mode slip. I must pause to remember and bask in His unbelievable goodness.