Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: Thanksgiving Menu

Top Ten Things I Will Be Serving On Thursday:

1. Turkey. My friend Tonia is bringing the turkey, which is such a help. She gets a fresh one from a farm. Recently she sent me an email about the turkeys. The farmer had included pictures of the flock. I replied and said those pictures troubled me greatly. I really don't like to see my Thanksgiving meal when he is still gobbling and has all his feathers. Maybe it's just me. Maybe other people like to pick theirs out from the picture, like choosing the best one from a litter of puppies? This was all new to me but I am certainly thankful to Tonia for taking care of our turkey selection. And I am trying to block those pictures from my mind before Thursday.

2. Sweet potato casserole. I know there is a debate over marshmallows or streusel topping. I am a streusel girl. I double the recipe and pile it on thick. Yum!

3. Green beans. It makes us feel better to have something green on the table but the truth is, I cook these to death and there are virtually no nutrients left in them. But boy howdy are they good!

4. Stuffing/Dressing. I do not stuff the bird. I make it in a casserole dish. My search for the perfect recipe for this is ongoing. I got out of it this year by asking my mom to do it. She is also, incidentally, still searching for the perfect recipe. Maybe this will be the year.

5. Rolls. Tonia and I agreed that Sister Schuberts do the trick. I make some wonderful homemade Parker House rolls but... why?

6. Gravy. The more the better. I will freely admit to buying it jarred. I am not ashamed.

7. Corn pudding. I posted the recipe last Monday, so if you missed it, go back and read it.

8. Cranberry pecan relish. Also posted this recipe last Monday. Go check it out too!

9. Tarheel Pie. Posted this yesterday. It's SO easy. It's SO good. I don't just make it at Thanksgiving, but I have to have it at Thanksgiving.

10. Rice Casserole. I know mashed potatoes are, like, required but I do this yummy recipe with consomme soup and onions and butter. The rice has such a good flavor, is easier to make than homemade mashed potatoes, and tastes really good with turkey. And besides, the corn pudding, rolls, sweet potato, and stuffing aren't enough carbs, you know? You need rice.

I hope you've enjoyed this top ten list. I hope your mouth is watering and you are anticipating sitting down on Thursday with the ones you love. And if you're hosting Thanksgiving, I want to encourage you to think of someone who might have no one to spend Thanksgiving with and invite them! You never know what that guest might add to your day! And you never know what being included might add to theirs!
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Amy O/picketfencemom said...

You made me super hungry, and it's still two days until Thanksgiving. Thanks a lot! LOL
I do hope that you and yours have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! :)

Anonymous said...

Yummy. Funny that you choose rice over mashed potatoes because my husband's family...also from NC...does the same thing. What is wrong with you people? I say that in love, of course. My first Thanksgiving meal with the in-laws didn't seem right because my beloved mashed potatoes were not on the table. I could not imagine Thanksgiving without them. Over the years, my husband's family has added mashed potatoes. I'm still not sure if they did it for me or if they finally saw the error of their ways. I'm just glad the potatoes are there. My Virginia family also has dumplings with our turkey. Who am I kidding? We have dumplings with anything...any time we can. My NC mother-in-law is joining my family for Thanksgiving this year. I have a feeling dumplings will show up at the NC meal next year.

Juju at Tales of said...

Corn pudding? That sounds amazing.

Zibilee said...

I don't think I would like to see a photo of my turkey either. At all. I am glad that your friend took care of the bird for you, because if I had to look at a picture those poor gobblers before they were ready to roast, I may have had to have chili-dogs instead!

Allison Morrison said...

I'm coming to your house!! My father in law has gotten the bright idea to smoke a pig...a whole one...that kinda turns my stomach! Maybe I can eat it if I don't see it?
At least my part of the family is doing traditional turkey and ham!

Lauren said...

Yeah for Sister Schubert rolls! And I am going to have to try the TarHeel pie sometime...sounds delicious!

seesawfaith said...

Strusel topping on sweet potatoes? What is this? I have never heard of such a thing! How do you do it? I never reject a potato topping until I try it!

Also, dressing: cornbread or plain bread? I grew up with cornbread dressing. My mom made the best in the world. It is the one recipe I didn't get from her that I wish I had!

And I say YES to jar gravy!

I am now off to find the cranberry pecan relish recipe. That sounds like a little bit of heaven!

Arlene said...

I would be so sad if I'd seen my turkey alive. I just cannot eat an animal I saw living. If I lived on a farm, I'd be a vegetarian.

As for the jarred gravy, bring it on! There's enough going on without adding more stress. Same goes with rolls: Pillsbury Crescents work wonderful in my kitchen.

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving with plenty of love and pumpkins!