Saturday, November 06, 2010

Coming Soon: Tangled

Anyone else looking forward to this movie? My friends at Disney sent me the link to this video. I think Tangled looks like a great take on the classic tale of Rapunzel. Can't wait to see it! I might have a review to share here in the near future-- and prizes too! Here's a short summary of the movie:

RAPUNZEL may have lived her entire life locked inside a hidden tower, but Rapunzel is no damsel in distress. The girl with the 70 feet of golden hair is an energetic, inquisitive teenager who fills her days with art, books, and imagination. Rapunzel is full of curiosity about the outside world, and she can’t help but feel that her true destiny lies outside of the lonely tower walls. Rapunzel has always obeyed Mother Gothel by staying hidden away and keeping her magical hair a secret… but with her 18th birthday just a day away, she is fed up with her sheltered life and ready for adventure. When a charming thief seeks refuge in her tower, Rapunzel defies Gothel and seizes the opportunity to answer the call of the kingdom. With the unwilling Flynn Rider along for the journey, Rapunzel leaves the tower for the first time, and begins a hilarious, hair-raising journey that will untangle many secrets along the way.

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Allison Morrison said...

I saw this previewed several months ago and it looks great! I only have boys and don't know if they'd want to see it, but mama does!

Marybeth said...

Allison, Flynn Ryder is supposed to fill the "boy quotient." He looks like a funny character who will keep boys' attention.

Zibilee said...

We can't wait to see this movie either! It looks so funny and I am really excited about it! Thanks for posting that clip!