Friday, October 29, 2010

Fiction Friday

Resources and ideas for novelists:

I love this worksheet and have found using something like this to be very helpful.

I just read Susan Kelly's By Accident and was captured by her writing as I've always been. Her novel How Close We Come was one of the first novels to inspire me that maybe a mom could write a novel (back in the mid 90's), and that novels could be about the ordinariness of life. I loved this page where she shares some thoughts about writing, and especially her idea about creating a place to capture those random thoughts and ideas that would be good for present and future novels.

And here's another one about creating a notebook for your writing:

Hope this inspires someone!
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Zibilee said...

I also think it's amazing when full-time mom is able to become a successful author. I can't imagine doing it myself, but do admire those who do!

Cheri Bunch said...

Hi Marybeth~
I recently read a great fiction novel titled "Thicker Than Blood". It was written by a young woman who was homeschooled. She started it when she was 15. I think it is an amazing read. I have shared it with others and they agree that she is a very good writer. It is by C.J.Darlington.
I hope that you get to read it sometime. Blessings,Cheri