Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Pictures From A Whirlwind Summer

The most important picture first-- here are my three youngest at the beach this summer. We spent ten days there and this is the only picture we took. (Ducking head in shame.) But I do love this one!

Here's a shot of She Reads authors Christa Allan, Tom Davis, and myself. That would be me talking... what'd you expect?? The She Reads signing at She Speaks was a big success. Thanks to all of you who came and got books signed and to the authors who took the time to come and spend time with us at She Speaks!

This is me and Shelly at She Speaks, who is also a mom of six. Moms of six unite!

This is me, Terri (a born encourager and all around sweetheart), an author whose name escapes me (forgive me!) and Diane Chamberlain, who I had the pleasure of signing books with at The Pelican Bookstore annual event they put on in Sunset Beach. This is my favorite bookstore evah, so being asked to be a part of their reader appreciation event was a humbling and amazing thing. Surreal! And meeting Diane, who's written about a bazillion novels, was also pretty neato. Incidentally, I am wearing a black dress. Shari Braendel tells me I am not supposed to wear black so this is me disobeying for all of you to see. Be sure to check out Shari's new book Good Girls Don't Have To Dress Bad so you can learn from my mistakes.

One of my readers snapped this for me-- my book on display at the Sunset Beach Trading Company right on the island. Pretty cool to see my book for sale in the place it is set. The good news is, the owners tell me it's selling well!

Here I am signing books at the Charlotte Airport. That's right. I will sign books just about anywhere they ask me to! I met the lovely woman I signed the book for and now we are Facebook friends. You might notice to the left of the picture is the poster of my extremely large face. I declined taking it home because really, my family just does not need that hanging around. They see plenty of my face already I assure you.

So there it is, folks. That is what I was doing in the month of July while I was missing from around here. Signing books, traveling, and just enjoying life as a first-time novelist and long-time mom. All in all, it's been a terrific summer. I am sad-- beyond sad-- it's drawing to a close. And now I am off to go sulk... by the pool.

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Mom Can I? said...

i personally think you look good in black. how in the world is a woman not supposed to wear black!??

Cynthia Schuerr said...

Your children are lovely, Marybeth! What a fabulous month you had and oongrats on the success of your book.:-)

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading your book. Man! I waited and waited and looked at every bookstore I went to since it came out and I could never find it for some reason. But I found it this Friday and finished your book today on Sunday. It was amazing...I couldn't, no, didn't want to put the book down. You did a wonderful job of writing your first novel and I'm looking forward to your future books you write.

PS. It was sneaky how you made the Kindred Spirit who you did. But kinda cool. When I reread your book I'm going to look for clues before the end of the book. I think I may have missed the clues this time because I was too wrapped up in what was happening with Lindsey and Campbell.