Saturday, June 26, 2010

Writing The Heartache All Day Workshop

I really believe in what Alice Wisler is doing through this workshop. If you are writing about loss, grief, etc. you should attend this first-ever event she's doing. Read on...

Consider heading over to Morrisville, NC (near the Raleigh-Durham Airport) to the Writing The Heartache Workshop on July 17th. In the serene Country Inns and Suites, we will benefit from the tool of writing as we pour out the sorrow, grief, broken relationships, and struggles we all face.
This all-day workshop is filling up, but there is room for you or someone else you know who wants to write for healing, hope and health. Read more about the event at the Raleigh Christian Fiction Examiner.
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Jess said...

i've been thinking about this, based on your rec. i haven't commented much lately but i SO appreciate you continuing to send links/articles/thoughts about writing through your blog...(since we have yet to start our writer's group in your old fridge...ha!!!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Marybeth,

I want you to know that I bought "the mailbox sat. and read it completely on Sunday afternoon. Such a good read, I really did enjoy it. Thanks so much.

sandy blair

Alice J. Wisler said...

Thanks, Marybeth. I appreciate this more than you will ever know.


rbooth43 said...
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rbooth43 said...

am so thankful that K Dawn Byrd informed me about your book and blog.
God Bless you!