Friday, May 21, 2010

Missing Miracles

I talked to a friend yesterday just after going on a run. She asked me about my foot-- the one I broke two years ago. The one that, because of where the break occurred, I was not supposed to be able to run on for any distance ever again.

"It's fine," I told her. "Totally fine."

"Well that," she said, "Is a miracle."

"Why yes," I agreed. "It is."

I don't want to miss the miracles in my life because I am busy or time has passed or I get distracted by other needs and requests to lay before God. I want to live life in forward motion, yet not forget that there are lots of miracles big and small lining my path in the rearview mirror.

Yesterday I shared with a friend the story of the scare I had that I was losing our sixth baby. I told her how I will never forget standing in the Walmart talking to the nurse who assured me that my HcG levels were climbing each day just like they are supposed to. I remember looking around the Walmart, filled with joy at the news I had just received. A very ordinary place had been turned into holy ground. As I shared with my friend, I just bought that same little girl a pair of Tinkerbell sunglasses at the grocery store and watched with delight as she wore them out of the store. And yet, I don't see a miracle every time I look at her. Many times I see another request, another need, another discipline issue, another task. I miss the miracle of her.

Today as I go running I am going to revel in the ability to run instead of complain about the exercise. I am going to inhale the smell of honeysuckle and magnolias as I run past. I am going to crank up Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody" and concentrate on the breeze on my face, the rhythm of my feet in time with the music. I am going to smile at my 4yo when she comes downstairs, instead of being put out that my quiet time is over. I am going to remember that my teenage son who can be mouthy and obnoxious was once a baby I didn't think was going to live. I am going to celebrate the miracles of our daily provisions from God even as Curt is jobless.

I don't want to live life missing miracles. They are all around us, if we just remember to look.
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Curt said...

Chaka Khan??? I mean come on! ;)

Joyful said...

Oh Marybeth, I heart this!!! :)

I too often miss miracles. I actually wrote about it here:

God called me to see that while my eyes were looking for the miracle my heart desired, He was working in miraculous ways all around me.

Miracles often come packaged in unexpected wrapping.
Blessings to you today,

Anonymous said...

What a positive attitude to have this Friday! You are right, kids can provide for the best reminders of miracles! My quarter of a dozen are little sweet peas, too!

Victoria said...

Amen! (But I have to agree on the Chaka Kahn....) :) God bless.

Help Meet in the Making said...

Thanks for this post! What an encouragement!

sagreen125 said...

reminder of how our lives are miracles. I think of our 4 birth kids, and they are healthy. How our 3 year old, that we adopted, cause it seemed a miracle how we got him. And how my husband and I have been married 26 years, and the miracle that God kept us focus on him. That we followed God, and we don't have riches, or a lot of friends, but we have God.

melissa Taylor said...

Amen Sista! Miracles are all around us and I needed this reminder so thank you :)

Love ya!

Oh Dear said...

THANK YOU for the reminder!!!!!