Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In Just One Week...

My book will be available!

And I am hoping you guys will help spread the word!

Below is a list of things you can do starting now. (Kudos go to author Deborah Raney, who originally wrote this list and has it posted on her blog.) I have modified it to fit my book and I have bolded the ones I think are the easiest to do for most anyone.

And yes, you really do make a difference in a book's success. If you've ever heard me speak, you have probably heard me talk about how we all have a sphere of influence. Well this is your chance to work within yours!

(Read all the way to the bottom for a "win it before you can buy it" giveaway opportunity!)

Write a review for the book on an online bookstores such as:

•Write a review at one of the many online book review sites, including:

At you can recommend books via an e-mail link that will take your friends right to the page of the book you’re promoting.

Recommend the book as a featured title for an area book discussion group (or start your own bookclub!). This is especially appropriate if the book has discussion questions in the back. (The Mailbox does!!)

Mention the book on your blog or on e-mail loops you’re a part of.

•If you have a website or write a newsletter, consider featuring novels you’ve read and enjoyed.

Add the book to your list of favorites on facebook or other online communities.

Post one-line reviews in your status on facebook or shoutlife, or "tweet" about it on Twitter as you're reading it.

•After reading and reviewing the book, give it away as a prize in a drawing on your website or blog.

•If you have a unique perspective—for instance, personal experience with the book’s topic, a man offering a male perspective for a women’s fiction book, etc.—offer your insights in venues that might not ordinarily hear about the book.

•Print out a review you’ve written, or other reviews of the book and give them to your public or church librarians for consideration.

•If you're in a local bookstore, “hand sell” the book by talking it up to customers shopping in the fiction department. (Ie, stalk customers while trying not to look creepy.)

Talk to the clerks in any bookstores and libraries you visit and ask if they carry the book. If not give them a short book report and recommend they order a few copies.

•When visiting bookstores, do a little creative rearranging to turn the book face out on the shelves. Use good judgment and don’t hide one book to promote another. Also keep in mind that in some stores front-table space is paid for by the publisher, so don’t “steal.”

Offer to write a book review for your church newsletter, neighborhood newspaper or any other printed source that might reach readers.

•At your next women’s retreat, volunteer to organize a book table, where you will feature the book.

•Offer to organize a blog tour for the author, setting up a week when numerous blogs will feature the book and interviews with the author.

•When you’re finished with the book, tuck it into a gift basket for someone who is ill or in the hospital; or take it to your next dinner party as a hostess gift.

•Leave the book in a waiting room where someone with a few extra minutes might start reading it.

•Prison ministries are always looking for wholesome books to distribute. Check out groups like Prison Book Project.

Word-of-mouth is still probably the number one way books hit bestseller lists, so simply start conversations about the book. Tell your friends and family what you’ve been reading and why you enjoyed it so much.

Now... if you've read all of these, I have an opportunity for you to win a copy of the book before you can buy it! Simply leave a comment telling me what you are going to do from this list to tell others about The Mailbox. I will choose one winner on Friday and announce it here.

To all of you who will go the extra mile and do one or two things from this list-- I can't ever thank you enough. I know the success of the book depends on people like you.

And I promise not to talk about the book all the time-- just let me get through the launch and we will return to our regularly scheduled programming. :)
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Arlene Grimm said...

Looking forward to reading your book Marybeth!! Rejoicing with you!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog and look forward to reading your book. I would be happy to promote it by word of mouth and through FB. Congrats and have a beautiful day.
Lindy Lou

Sherry T said...

I'd love you read your book. I've been following your blog almost two years and enjoy your writing. I often tell others about books I'm reading and would also happily write a review on one of the bookseller sites and for my church newsletter.


Amy G said...

So excited about your new book Marybeth! I am the Church Librarian and would love to feature the book in our library and as well on our church website. If I win the copy it will go in the library for all to enjoy!

Marybeth said...

Thanks guys! So fun to already see comments from helpful people like you! I really, really, really appreciate any amount of help you can give me. If I've heard it once, I've heard it a million times that good old-fashioned word of mouth still sells books the best! Glad I have people like you to appeal to for that help. :)

Michele said...

Congratulations on the publication of your new book!

I agree that word of mouth is probably the most effective vehicle you can use to promote your book. It is on my list of books to read and I will recommend it to others at church. Recently, before our monthly ladies lunch outing I had everyone bring new or slightly used candles,Christian music, and Christian books to exchange. After our devotion time, we had fun picking out "new" candles, music, and books. I was able to give reviews on several books. Any books that were left over were donated to the local library for their book sale. (Our church does not have a library.)
My husband and I both love to read and I would certainly welcome a free copy to read, recommend, and pass along.


Joyful said...

You got it girl! Definitely promoting this one!! :)

I have connections all over here...I am friends with the manager of the Christian bookstore about an hour's drive from here...our church Librarian always orders anything I sister works at the Public Library...I will check out the site and suggest it there...and of course...add you to my FB and blog page. (Is there a code for copying a pic of your book cover to paste that would link people to the book or to you?)

I'm sooooo excited about the release of your book. That first chapter has me longing for more. Plus, I really want to make a trip to see that mailbox for real!!!

So excited for you and with you,

Anonymous said...

Hi MaryBeth. I'm going to suggest that my women's small group read it over the summer as a book club activity. I cannot wait to read it!
Jeannnie Adams

Alice J. Wisler said...


These are good tips. I would be delighted to feature you and The Mailbox on my Patchwork Quilt Blog

All the best, and congratulations!


Kim said...

Well, I would definitely tell people about your book but it MIGHT help for me to "win" it first so I can actually read it!!! LOL Congrats Mary Beth...looking forward to checking it out!

Kim said...

Marybeth, If I had a book coming out, I would talk about it all the time! So keep on talking!

Happy Birthday to you.

Your kids are absolutely adorable.

I lead our women's fiction book club at church and your book is going to be our feature for July's meeting! Woo Hoo! Can't wait for it to come out.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It is exciting to see your dream come true. I would be happy to write a review on Christian book, amazon and barnes and noble too. I am also excited about somehow working it into our women's retreat this fall either in a give away, book exchange, or with a book table. So many great ideas! Thanks for the post, it is great information! I'm glad I stopped by today,


The Barton Five said...

I enjoy reading the proverbs 31 blog you write they are gr8 and give me much wisdom and insight and from that blog I was led to your blog and just have to read it everyday. I am looking forward to reading the mailbox and will happily list it and share it on my facebook page and my personal blog and from reading a excerpt from the book I already know I will recommend it to all my friends.I look forward to reading this book.

Marybeth said...

For any of you who are associated with a book club that chooses this book, just letting you know I would love to participate in a conference call with your group and-- if you live within a reasonable drive from me-- attend your meeting and let you all ask me questions. Just food for thought!

Debra said...

I am so happy for you! What a exciting time with this book launch and your birthday. God is great like that!
I will word of mouth it over in CA. I cant wait to get my copy.
What ya doing on your b/d?
Debra :)

Annett said...

I think tucking it into a gift basket is great. I love making up "Pamper Me" baskets for the expectant mom who only seems to get baby stuff. This basket is all about her. Good book, magazine, peppermints, spa gift card, relaxing CD...

Have a great birthday.

Jekka said...

I can't wait to read your book!!! I have been lead to so many great books through She Reads. I then turn around and do a small book review on my own blog. You can only imagine how suprized and touched I was when the author of "Fireflies in December" responded to my post about her book! I also mention them on my Facebook page. My pastor's wife is a librarian at our library and is in charge of our church library so I always pass along the books to her.
Blessings to you and yours--

Marybeth said...

You guys are some awesome marketers!! Thanks so much for your offers of helping within your spheres of inflence. Don't ever think that you can't make a difference... cause you can!! And do!!

Anonymous said...

I will post it on my facebook as "favorite Books" and tell my college and roommates friends to read it! Being from a christian university our bookstore could sure use more books like the women of P31 write!
Best wishes


Marybeth said...

Yvonne-- the book is great for college students!! Lindsey (the main character) begins the book at 15 and goes through her life to age 34 when the main action takes place, so there's something for almost every age through the course of her journey. My teen daughter says she LOVED it so I think college age would too.

It's also good for senior citizens, as Minerva and LaRae (Campbell's mother and her best friend) are quite the characters and have some of the funnier moments in the book. If you are associated with a senior center or retirement home, those would be good places to share it.

Love y'all's creativity!

Amy said...

I've recommended it to our book club and will review it on our blog after I get to read it. I'd love to win a copy!

collettakay said...

I will post a review of the book on my blog and also recommend it and pass it on to my friends.


tiggerdaisy said...

I've read your book and will be posting a review soon.

I loved the storyline--filled with God's mercy and grace, love and forgiveness; yet, it also doesn't shy away from some of the hard things that are in our society these days. (I won't say what those things are since I don't want to spoil parts of the book where these things play into the storyline.)

You definitely have me wanting to visit the Kindred Spirit and write a letter of my own. What a wonderful spot for hopeless romantics like me! :)

The Mailbox was an easy read that I couldn't put down. Your twist at the end was awesome--I didn't see it coming. Truly I didn't. Good stuff!

Great book, Marybeth! In case your wondering, I received an advanced copy through MomLogic.

Prayers and blessings,

p.s. Oh, and is Book Number Two going to be tied to The Mailbox? It's definitely a stand alone novel as it is, but I would love to continue the journey.

Anonymous said...

MaryBeth, don't worry about talking about your book... girl, you are excited and I would be too!

Cafe Lily said...

Hi Marybeth!

I am currently reading The Mailbox and will be posting a review on my site (Cafe Lily Book Reviews) as well as Christian Book Distributors, Goodreads, and similar sites.

I also plan to email my friends who love to read and tell them about it.

If I win your giveaway copy, I am planning to send it to my friend who loves books as much as I do, as a gift :)

The Homesteading Apartment said...

Congratulations on the new book, Marybeth!! This post was very inspirational for me. I've felt the tug of God on my heart to write, but thought the call would manifest many years down the road. All of a sudden the three books starting taking shape at the same time I found out about the 2010 She Speaks convention taking place in a few weeks. I signed up!!

So excited!! I love how God brings things together and it's usually in a way that we could NEVER imagine (: Thank you so much for your post and I will be happy to promote your book! Can't wait to read it and much success to you (:


Bridget said...

I thoroughly enjoy your blog and can't wait to read The Mailbox! The cover is awesome, by the way.

To promote-I would write a review. I've never done that but it should be fun. Post it on my blog and facebook.
I would also put a review on one of the book seller sites. Then I would pass it along to my Bible Study girls. We give recommendations to each other all the time for good reads.
Congratulations...this is so exciting.

Shelly said...


I plan to buy (or win ; ) the book, read it and write a review. Then, according to how I feel... I'll either give it away and share the love or organize a book club and share in the discussion questions.

OH... and since I frequent book stores... I'll definitely be sure to do some creative rearranging!!!

Since I'm currently reading "For the Write Reason" (and LOVING IT - thank you)...

Who knows what else I'll be inspired to do as I explore this God-given talent called writing?!?!

<3 in Christ,

Shelly Cantrell

Jennifer said...

I've already ordered my copy and plan to tout it heavily on my facebook page and will share it with the gals at work!

I'm so excited and I'm so happy for you!


Lutiemom said...

I am really looking forward to reading The Mailbox! I've posted a link to your blog on Facebook and I think it would be fun to host a summer readers blog...this could a way of linking the young readers in our community with the more mature readers. Getting together after we've blogged for a conference call would be lots of fun, too!

shyman510 said...

HI! I just got word that my pre-ordered copy of your book has shipped! I doubt I will be able to wait to read it until we go to the beach in mid-June!! I'm hoping to use this book to get our book club rolling again.

Christy said...

So excited that my copy will be in my hands next week. Sad that I will be at the beach this weekend and have to find a different book to settle on to read. :)I posted an ad for you on Fbook and have been spreading the word to mom's that I see. I have absolutely no problem rearranging books at a bookstore to draw the eye to the right book...I will definitely submit a review to our library.
Very exctided for you Marybeth.

Deb said...

I would love to read your new book. I would tell my friends what a great book it is. I would write a great review on Amazon and tell all my friends on facebook.

Rina said...

Congratulations on your first novel! I was planning on buying it when it comes out, as I love to read a good story and when you or someone said it was a good "beach read", I thought that sounded great. I just happened to be in our local Family Christian bookstore, and they had your book! Of course I bought it with my 25% off coupon! I'm waiting to read it until we do go to the beach, which is only two weeks away. God bless you.

Marybeth said...

Thanks for letting me know it's already there Rina! I might have to venture over to our local store today and snap a photo!! :)

Kim said...

Marybeth, Guess what I have? Sitting right here in my lap is a copy of The Mailbox! When I saw the post that someone saw it in their local christian book store, I just had to check to see if it was at mine and it was. I bought 4 copies - all that they had - and had them check the other stores in the area for more. I need 10 total for our church book club. Since I got it now we are going to read this one for our June meeting. Would love to see if we could do the conference call when we meet. We are meeting on the afternoon of June 27. I'm in Indiana so unfortunately not within driving distance. :(

I am so giddy about your book. Silly, but I'm looking at the book and thinking "I 'know' her." Well, not really, but you know I feel like I do through your blog.

Let me know what you think.

YesYouCan said...

Did you make the drawing for the free copy yet? Hope I'm not too late!

Looking forward to talking up your book, Marybeth.