Monday, May 17, 2010

40th Weekend

There's a quote from the movie Tequila Sunrise that I always think of when I think of my 3 best friends from high school:

"I don't know what it is about going to high school with someone that makes you feel you're automatically friends for life."

How true. There is something about that high school connection for me, especially where these girls are concerned. The truth is, the last time we were all together was 12 years ago. Three of us still live in the same town but might see each other once a year... on a good year. We don't talk daily or even monthly. And yet, we all decided to keep up with our long-ago promise to each other that we would get together for a weekend to celebrate our 40th birthdays, which fall in April, May, June and July. So we all did a little juggling and made this past weekend happen in the midst of busy schedules and craziness. Sometimes a little juggling turns out to be well worth the effort.

The home we stayed in is called Shadowlawn, a historic home that has been completely refurbished and brought back to its original glory near the town of Blowing Rock, NC. We enjoyed lavish accomodations and were pampered by our hosts, Ron and Paula Withrow.

A view of the mountain range from the expansive front porch where we spent lots of time, rocking and talking, catching up on what life looks like for each other now.

The four of us: Me, April, Kim and Karen.

Karen and I at lunch at a quaint little restaurant we found tucked away down a path in Blowing Rock where we enjoyed delicious food and an even more delicious atmosphere.

Kim and April from across the table

In some ways we haven't changed at all. In other ways, everything has changed. And yet, our friendship endures. What is it about high school that makes you think you're automatically friends for life?

I am not sure... but I sure am glad.

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Debra said...

Nice Marybeth! What a fun time and great memories for you and your friends. Off to do laundry, get groceries and do errands.
Have a Marvelous Monday!:)

Mom Can I? said...

Love that movie. And yes, what is it about high school that can do that? it's a great question!! glad ya'll had a fun weekend. welcome to 40...

Anonymous said...

Hi Marybeth,
Thank you for posting the pictures of your weekend. You are definitely four beautiful ladies.
I love the home you stayed in. It looks absolutely awesome. Have a great week.

P.S. Oh to be 40

Kim said...

That's So fun!!! Wish I had some close friends to celebrate my 40th in October with...Congrats on your get away!!!

Oh Dear said...

I hear ya! One of those friends, I have not seen in years but talk with on FB. She will be bringing home her daughter from Ethiopia on Sunday and so badly want to be there to see what I have been praying for. Checked with another about a road trip...Still feel so connected to the girls I grew up with, literally!

Anonymous said...

What is it about high school that makes you think you're automatically friends for life? .....It's those girls (your friends) who watched you date boys that you wish you could keep a secret, it's those girls who were first to hear about your failed road test and it was those girls who walked through every other social misfortune or triumph, that at the time, seemed epic. Or at least that is one explanation.....the other one might be that we all know each other's home phone number....which is really our mom's home phone number, which really means that since our mom is going to be living there forever, our friends will always know how to get a hold of us. :) Thanks MaryBeth, for the delightful pictures and sweet smiles!

Deb said...

How fun! I hope that in 2 years, when I turn 40, I can convince my three best grade school friends to come away with me for a weekend :)

Dana Duggins said...

Hi Marybeth, I have been all over the internet trying to find info on Shadowlawn. Is this a private residence or is it open to the public? thank you for the info.