Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Scenarios For Girls Nicole O'Dell

Greetings to all of you who stop by today after reading the devotion! My post today is an introduction to a very cool friend of mine, who has written some very cool books for teens and tweens. Read on!

Check out this great article on my friend Nicole O'Dell. Nicole is the mom of six and a writer (sound familiar?) She also agreed to write YA reviews for She Reads each month, which made me love her even more! She's a go-getter and I stand amazed at what she accomplishes-- all with a great attitude and outlook.

And if you're looking for great books for daughters, check out her Scenarios series. Both my 15 and my 10 yo read these books and loved them. That's saying a LOT when a 10 yo and a 15 yo can both read them and get something out of them! So I urge you to check these out. (Don't have a daughter? I bet you have a niece or granddaughter... or a kid at church... or a neighbor... You get the point. These books are worth buying for the girls in your life!)

Thanks Nicole for sharing your technique for painting different scenarios of where our choices take us. Good lessons I was glad to share with my daughters!
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Debbie G said...

Hi Marybeth!
I hopped over from the P31 devo. While I know that that the featured verse goes far beyond the surface reading, yesterday I registered for the Danskin Triathlon. I have never attempted anything athletic before, and having been working hard since January to get in shape and honor God with my body. On another note, I am enjoying The Reason We Speak immensely. It not only gives some practical tools, but it provides the depth and insight and love of Christ that a how-to manual never could. Thank you for leading me in my passion, and speaking to me through your devo today.
Running the race set before me!
Debbie G

Amy Wyatt said...

Your devo at P31 really spoke to me today. I struggle so much with self-discipline. It was the perfect reminder. Thank you for allowing God to speak through you to me (and to a lot of other people I'm sure who needed) to hear this message today.
Hope you and your family are doing well.
Amy W

Tammy said...

I hopped over from P31 as well. YOur words could not have been more needed. I am sure God has a sense of humor. I have been struggling with discipline in exercise. I want to lose a few pounds and it is not been going well So much so I had practically given up. Then I read your devo this morning and I wanted to thank you for giving me the words I Needed to get back on track. God is helping me see I need an accountablity partner so I can not give up and that is takes sacrifice and discipline. Something I have been lacking in lately.

thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the encouragement. Yesterday and today I have been praying for God to help me not be lazy. Sometimes I think it comes partly from not knowing where to spend my energy and I get an overwhelmed mindset while trying to perfect everything. And when I start discipling myself.....ONCE AGAIN.... I don't want to become an oager or military seargant to those closest to me and others. And I don't want to give up again. But I do want to be a good Godly influence, full of grace but not forgetting there is work to be done. Thank you,and I am going to be praying for the accountability partners God wants for me also.

Cynthia said...

It was much easier for us to get rid of our debt (and we had a lot)that to exercise! I will be working on that now. Thanks for the encouragement.

Nicole O'Dell said...

Thanks for the mention of my books, Marybeth! I'm so glad you and your girls liked them!

D in Ohio said...

Thanks for your P31 devotion today! It really hit me where I needed it most! I had picked up a "eating in moderation" bible study just today to help me get more focused, and then your devotion affirmed that I really need to be more disciplined in my eating so I have the energy to take care of my husband, kids, home and whatever else the Lord asks of me!

Bonnie said...

Thanks for the encouraging word in the devotion! Sure have been thinking about you often and praying that God is bringing you ever closer to Him. Also praying for Curt. Hope all is well with you these days. I thank God that I met you at our retreat in Flat Rock. Blessings!