Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sunday Night

So, it's Sunday night and I am feeling like I need to write a blog post but I have nothing to say except umm, Christmas break is over. Officially. Tomorrow the kids go back to school. But my husband does not go back to work. Which feels so weird. We are trying to negotiate what that will look like. Will he help out more with the driving of the carpools? Will he cook dinner? Can I leave and come back hours and hours later?

These questions will have different answers every day, it sounds like. We are writing new rules around here and, the way I figure it if life is true to form, by the time we figure it all out, he'll get a job and this new normal will be out the window.

Oh and also, if you are the author of blogs I read regularly, please post something new and inspiring, because I am tired of seeing your Christmas posts up. Christmas is over. It's a new year. Time for inspiring new blog posts full of promise about a great future in a whole new decade.

Ok so I've said my peace. For now. My husband is laying beside me reading as I type this and he really does not like it when I type on the computer while he is trying to read. He doesn't like the noise it makes. What. Ever.

Will be back with more valuable wisdom soon. Stay tuned.
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Danielle said...

I am cracking up over here! Is that alright?;-) I don't think you read my blog, so I don't count, but if you did, I've posted something

My husband's schedule changed a couple months back and it has thrown me for a loop! He worked 3rd shirt--leave our house at 4pm and return by 530am the next morn---but now he's home by 6 pm and here at night. I can't get used to him being home... and then I don't want to, because I know his schedule could change again tomorrow and I'll have gotten used to something new.

I'm praying for you guys!

Stacy said...

Well...have fun with that. My dh's been home since June. It's been a challenge trying to figure out all the new role stuff. Especially with kids involved. Some days I'm almost happy to be walking out the door to my job.
I'll be praying for you guys that the transition is easy.

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

Thank you for saying what we are all thinking about the Christmas blogs!!! I LOVE little Baby Jesus, and am happy to celebrate his "publicly declared birthday" but I really don't need to see 800 pictures of YOUR kids opening up a box of legos. Harumph! It's getting to the point that I am looking at the pictures to see if I can find cobwebs in the corners of your living room too... lol
So what did you decide? Does Curt have to help play chauffeur too? Do you get to go blow your gift card and type your heart out?(for the record, my vote is yes!)

Anonymous said...

Just saw your tweet. How many pages does 2,000 words work out to be? I'm trying to write my novel. So far it's been funny. I have to laugh at it because if I don't I'll give up.

I had so many words and thoughts going through my head and heart one night that I couldn't *shut off my brain*, so I went to type. And type I did. I got 10 pages including research and computer locked up and I lost it all. I had been soooo busy just typing away that I forgot to hit save every 25 seconds. UGH.

I left it alone for a couple of weeks to regroup. Sat back down to type and forgot that I needed to add security to my flash drive. Did that. But in formatting the drive, lost all my work again.

I cried.

The worst part about it. I really had some good stuff written the first time. You could feel the raw emotion of the page.

When I tired to type again (that second time) the story just seemed so-so.

I keep a notebook and write down what comes to me. I'll piece it together sometime.

I hope to be finished with the book--4 years from now. :o)

Take care,

Anonymous said...

for got to add.

Zoe Elmore said...

You crack me up!!!!
Clickity click click. I can just see your fingers flying on that keyboard.
Tell Curt that Tom started dinner every night while he was in transition and I was working. LOL!!!

Rachel Olsen said...

OK,I attempted an inspiring New Years sort of blog post at your request.

Because I'm just a good friend like that. :)

PS. Curt should help cook - maybe he could enter the Next Food Network Star competition. Or else the Worst Cook in American competition - that one was cracking Rick and I up last night. But it pays the winner $25K!

Amy in Peru said...

Come read my blog anytime ;)
I've posted everyday since New Years! hahahah.

Also, I read simplemom's posts (I subscribe also!) and I did the reflection questions (just for fun). Not much inspiration there... pretty cut and dry answers.

However, I'm posting on my sum up the year 2010 in one little word post for tomorrow... come and visit:

amy in peru

Karen Ehman said...

Okay Miss Official Blogging Bossy Lady--

I did write a new post this morning before I took Kenz to the airport. So there---

Sorry you were tired of reading Christmas blog posts. I was tired of writing blog posts and wanted to hang with Kenz which you, you do remember, get to do more now than I!!! :-)

Back to my laptop. My hubby will be beside me too, but not reading....sleeping.... and he can sleep through even the noisiest of keyboards.....

Prayers and cyber hugs---

Amy Carroll said...

You are so funny!

My husband sort of works from home. He's on the road with his sales guys some days, but lots of days he's home.

Before I was teaching, it was quite a challenge. I was so used to having the house as my domain during the day. I loved that he'd want to go to lunch and stuff, but I always felt a little off balance.

On his behalf, I think I drove him pretty crazy, too. I'd think lots of things to tell him (really IMPORTANT things!) while his was typing emails to corporate. Maybe he's glad I'm working during the day now!

Good luck getting it all worked out!

Anonymous said...

Whew! We all have peaks and valleys in life. What. Ever. Some of us had to postpone Christmas with family because of snow blizzards and then kids with mono. So whether we really want to celebrate Christmas into the new year or not, we may choose to for our family. I usually really enjoy checking in on your blog post once in a while, but on this entry, quite frankly, I would rather read about or look at Christmas photos!

Stephanie Hall Burns said...

Be strong and courageous Marybeth! You and your hubby will get through this phase just fine. God is with you.

You can read my blog as I am done posting Christmas photos. In fact, I'd be honored.

Lots of love,

Shari Braendel said...

You know what I love about you? Honesty. Plain, old, honesty. What.Ever. Hahahahahahahahahah!
With even the most somber of faces, you still crack me up. Always. LOVED spending time with you today. love you!