Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... a gray, rainy day. A day when summer feels very far away.

I am thinking... how nice it is to have my husband in the den teaching my son the ins and outs of football. A neat memory for them both.

I am thankful for... surviving week one of my diet with only *some* cheating.

I am wearing.... pink and white striped pajamas, pink and white fluffy socks

I am remembering... the nice long time with God I spent this morning, the things I learned from reading His Word, a great sermon preached by my pastor when we went to church last night.

I am going... to strive to get my to-do list the rest of the way knocked out this week. I am giving myself a deadline of this week to wrap up lots of loose ends so I can go back to writing novel #2 the first week in February.

I am currently reading... Write Your Heart Out by Rebecca McClanahan and some books for She Reads

I am hoping... to be a better, more focused, hands-on mom this week. I have been admittedly distracted in past weeks by my to-do list. I do not like that and am aiming to stop it.

On my mind... my daughter turned 10 this past week. We celebrated with a wonderful cake decorating party. The girls who came loved it and so did I. It was my favorite birthday party I have ever thrown! Friday night I took her to get her ears pierced and then she and my older daughter and I went to Red Robin for dinner, then ventured to Starbucks for drinks after, then on to the dollar store to buy junk to put in little favor bags for the party. I am still thinking about what a fun night it was for all of us.

Pondering these words... "When you start journaling regularly, a funny thing happens. When you're grocery shopping or coaching Little League or helping your mom with her plants, ideas come to you. You suddenly find yourself recording things you want to feed into the next day's writing session. When you ignore those flashes long enough, when you don't write them down, they stop coming. But when you get in the habit of writing them down, you find that more come-- and that you're nurturing your development as a writer." (From an article by Heather Sellers in the Feb 2010 edition of Writer's Digest)

From the kitchen... diet food for me-- lots of meat and watermelon and salads galore.

Around the house... cleaned out some books this past week and it felt so good. We donated them to a local Christian library. The ladies were so grateful for the books and I was so happy to have the shelf space up in our bonus room! A happy trade for both parties!

One of my favorite things... easy birthday parties that aren't terribly expensive either!
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Belinda said...

This a great little peak into your life and I have been pondering the journalling have definitely give me alot to think about. Enjoyed it..
Belinda said...

I just love reading your blog, your thoughts, prayers and getting a glimpse into your life. It's always a gift!

Karen said...

I had planned to have a salad today with turkey bacon, tomatoes, and dressing. But I didn't have time to eat before a friend arrived for coffee.

I still want to try that salad you mentioned with the strawberries. It sounds good!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Stephenie said...

The cake decorating party is a really cool idea. My daughter will be turning 10 in a month. Somehow the fact is a little bit difficult to wrap my head around. If you wouldn't mind sharing, I would love to know the ins and outs of a cake decoratind party.


Patricia PacJac Carroll said...

Your blog is so neat and peaceful. And with 6 kids don't know how you do it. : )