Friday, January 08, 2010

On Prayer Boxes and Plans

You may have figured out by my lack of posts lately that I am back to writing. My new novel is due June 1 so I have my work cut out for me! I have set a goal of writing 2000 words per day every day for 40 days straight. So far, so good. At this rate I should be finished with my first draft (but most assuredly NOT my last) by mid February. Of course, I am willing to stretch that to late February because I know that glitches will come and I will not stick perfectly with my plan.

But it's good to have one nonetheless.

So, since I am not addding much content of my own. I am going to try and pop by here daily and at least link to a post that I think is worth reading.

Today's is this prayer box idea. Before you toss all your Christmas cards, here's a great idea of what to do with them! I will be back Monday with another link and I just might try to do a menu plan and daybook entry too. I do love blogging and while I may go MIA every so often, know that I will always return.

And now I am off to work out on the treadmill. In addition to attempting to write 2000 words per day I am also trying NOT to miss a single day on the treadmill. Ah, January, the month of goals, ideals and good intentions!
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Bonita said...

Wow! You aim high. The cool part is you actually hit your goals too, unlike some others of us.

Jeannie said...

Go for it, girlie! I was just thinking the other day that you would make the world's nicest drill sergeant. Because you definitely get things done and inspire others to do so :)

Amber Ford said...

You always inspire me with your aspirations and encourage my heart...

Amy in Peru said...

I was JUST there... funny you mentioned it :) I tried to comment on her blog, but because it's embedded comments, I cannot. sad.

good luck. sounds like a lot of writing, but I'm sure if you set your mind to it, you can do it!

great job so far, lady!

Amy in Peru

Danielle said...

Whoo! 2000 words! You go, girl! I love the fact that you set goals and reach them, yet still know that even if you don't, it's okay. But I have every confidence in you that you'll meet them all.

Thanks for the link. Another blogger Susan does something similar. Her family places all the cards in a basket and leaves it on the center of their kitchen table. They pluck a card every night and pray for that family. Loved that idea!