Monday, January 18, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Monday) Hamburgers on the grill, Chips, Cut up Fruit

Tuesday) Rotisserie Chicken, Stove Top Stuffing, Green Beans (small group night)

Wednesday) Baked Potato Soup topped with shredded cheese and bacon bits

Thursday) Country Style Steak with gravy over egg noodles, Corn

Friday) Leftover Buffet (aka GYO: Get Your Own)

Am also hoping this week to make a couple of loaves of pumpkin bread and cinnamon bread to stock up the freezer. For small group I am also planning to make a warm apple cobbler recipe my aunt sent to me this past week. I will let you know if it was good and share the recipe since I am planning to adapt it. My small group will serve as guinea pigs, as usual!
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Steph. said...

Can you share the recipe for cinnamon bread? That sounds divine! XO, Steph.

Alyce said...

Hey all sounds so good. Would you share the baked tater soup recipe? All your goodies and breads sound soo good. I have just discovered I'm gluten intolerant, so I am learning to substitute.

Rachel Olsen said...

Yes, do give the cinnamon bread instructions - I heart cinnamon.

And pop over to my blog to read about spies, eggs, my landfill worries and what I got for $12.

With my savings I'll buy us multiple skinny cinnamon lattes at She Speaks. :)