Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook, A Day Early

Outside my window... cold. I finally broke down and bought a coat. I got rid of all my ones that were too big on me after I lost weight and didn't want to spend the money to replace my coat. When we headed to Charleston this weekend and knew we would be walking the streets in cold weather, Curt convinced me to buy a coat. We stopped at Target and I love the black coat I found! And I know it must be decently cool because my daughter said she'd like to have one like it!

I am thankful for... being FINISHED with my edits!!! I just hit send and it was a great feeling! I am sure there will be some other tweaking involved but the major push is O-V-E-R. And just in time for Christmas!

I am wearing... jeans and a pink sweater with a faux-fur collar that I just love.

I am remembering... the people who have helped me with my novel all along the way. You know who you are. Thanks for the advice, the prayers, and the encouragement.

I am going... to try to make these this week. They look mucho delicious and especially perfect for this time of year! A package of these with a box of gingerbread tea would make a sweet gift for someone. I can just see them wrapped in some gingerbread printed ribbon.

I am reading... the new issue of Writer's Digest. It just came in the mail this weekend. Hooray! And it's on writing a novel. Perfect!

I am hoping... to get lots of Christmas preparations going this week now that my edits are behind me.

On my mind... a new novel that just might be a Christmas story. :)

From the learning rooms... Christmas books aplenty. Baking and crafting too.

From the kitchen... a menu plan is in the works. I will post it tomorrow for Menu Plan Monday.

Around the house... decorating for Christmas. My mom and I have a date tomorrow for her to come over and help me. She has a good decorating eye and we enjoy sprucing up my house for Christmas together!

Plans for the week... actually, nothing. A row of white blocks on my calendar is a beautiful thing to see!

One of my favorite things... time alone with my husband. We had a great time in Charleston together. He went with me for my speaking engagement since it was his birthday and we were able to turn it into a short getaway. Dinner at Fleet Landing restaurant was wonderful and the time to finish lots of conversations was priceless.
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Rachel Olsen said...

WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the finished edits!

Enjoy the decorating and white space this week.

love ya ~R