Thursday, November 05, 2009

Yeah, I'm Gonna Go There

Are you a planner by nature? I am. Or maybe you aren't a planner by nature, but you want to be or know you need to be. Well the holidays are a great time to get into planning mode. Maybe by aiming to plan for this time of year, you can apply what you learn all year round! And if you are already a planner, well have I got some goodies that will make your nerdy heart smile!

My friend Molly Gold is doing a great video series on what you can be doing now to plan for the coming holidays-- Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's too.

Go here to see the list of her videos (parts I and II are up and she adds one each week):

And you can download her free holiday planner here. I don't know about you but just looking at that checklist makes my heart feel all fluttery!

And here's a countdown for what we can be doing now to get ready for Thanksgiving at the end of this month:

Finally, don't forget to order my ebook A Recipe For Christmas Joy. This book takes you from Thanksgiving all the way through New Year's and is filled with recipes and fun ideas to make your holidays wonderful. There's a planning countdown in there written by Lysa TerKeurst, ideas for saving money at Christmas, and instructions for gifts you can make, along with new traditions you can begin with your family. Just go to my resource page at P31 to place your order and within minutes it will arrive in your inbox!
Get it now so you can start PLANNING to have a memorable, wonderful Christmas!
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Flamingo Mama said...

i know i don't comment a ton but i'm so glad to see you blogging every day again! even if i don't have time to read blogs, i always stop by yours before i turn off my computer for the night:)

Victoria said...

I was just looking for your e-book yesterday! Thanks for the links too. And I 2nd that I am glad you blogging lots. I always enjoy reading your posts; you are so down to earth, but your eyes are on the Lord. God bless!