Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today I will be cooking and cleaning and generally getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. I am thankful today for one of our small group members, Misha, for taking my turkey breast yesterday at the last minute and agreeing to smoke it for me. I am so happy about that smoked turkey I can't tell you! I am doing two-- one smoked and one in the crockpot all night. Which means, no turkey in the oven all morning tomorrow. Can I get a glory hallelujah? We all know which one will be gone first. I am already thinking of what I will do with the leftovers from the one in the crockpot. Turkey sandwiches? Turkey tetrazzini? Turkey soup?

Today I am going to prepare as many things ahead of time as I can. This will free up my time tomorrow for more important things like talking to our guests and perusing the sale ads. I plan to have a slow, relaxing day tomorrow and I am going to make that happen by working like a crazy person today.

I hope that you all have a great Thanksgiving. Take time to focus on being thankful no matter what circumstances you are in. This has been a trying week at our house so I know what it means to have to work at being thankful. I was thankful (ha!) that I decided to do my nightly thankful emails back and forth with my friend Melissa. This has helped me stop at the end of each day to focus on what I had to be thankful for in that day. No matter how bad the day had been, I always found something to be thankful for. Even the littlest things.
I hope that you find much to be thankful for-- big and little. I will be back Monday and we will get started talking about Christmas!
I am also thankful for my friend Glynnis, who posted a sweet post about my ebook. Do you need some Christmas inspiration? Check out Glynnis' post.
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Mom Can I? said...

have a happy thanksgiving!!! thought about you today because I am getting ready to make some banana bread with your recipe. pray for my jack as he travels this holiday without us!!!

Jay & Erin said...

Happy Thanksgiving Marybeth. I am so thankful for you and the wonderful women at Proverbs 31 who constantly encourage and inspire me. Blessings, Erin