Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Is Blogging Making A Comeback?

I liked this post by Jennifer James (a fellow Disney Mom Blogger!).

I agree with her that blogging is making a comeback-- or could if those of us who blog are focused and intentional about our blogging efforts. I hope I do that here. I continue to balance the tightrope of social media-- Facebook and Twitter and blogging oh my! Not to mention my other writing-- books, devotions for P31, the occasional article. Oh, and blogging for She Reads and our financial blog too. Ack! What do I do first?

I try to make this blog my first priority-- I like Facebook and Twitter but I can't communicate there to the degree that I do here. Who I am and what I believe are best displayed in this format. I don't want blogs to die out because I am one who has benefitted greatly from women who have shared information, inspiration and ideas with me via their blogs. The community of blogging is still a powerful one. I intend to do my part to keep it a vital part of the social media landscape.
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momishome2 said...

I certainly hope that blogging is making a comeback! I'm finally getting the hang of it!! Of course, I'm also trying to balance Facebook (my personal fave), Twitter & the occasional (but not often enough) other writing assignment. Thanks for sharing the link & your thoughts.
~ Bethany L.

Chrissy said...

While I agree that Twitter and Facebook have their uses, they can never replace the community and bond that is created through blogging!

Cape Breton Girl for God said...

Awesome Marybeth i love reading all you ladys blogs its very helpful and inspiring. Thank you:)