Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hearts At Home: Michigan

This weekend Curt and I traveled to Michigan to speak at the Hearts at Home conference in Grand Rapids. After we finished up there, we headed over to Fraser MI (a suburb of Detroit) to speak at St John's Lutheran on Sunday night. We got home on Monday afternoon. It was a fun and busy weekend. We met lots of nice people and really loved sharing our story of hope that living a financially free life really is possible with some determination and a plan.

Our lovely assistant snapped some photos of us and the audience while we were speaking. Here I am talking. Can you tell I talk with my hands?

Here is a crowd shot. Can you spot the woman yawning? I feel certain she just stayed up late talking to her friends the night before and it wasn't us boring her! :)

I liked this shot because they are writing down what we say. That never happens at home.

Here are two lovely ladies checking out our book.

Here I am with two of my P31 sistas, Shari Braendel and Karen Ehman. Love these girls and loved spending time with them this weekend! Curt was such a good sport as he basically spent the weekend with 1500 women. He was ready for a dose of Monday night football when we got home!

Had to capture Shari and her assistant Patti talking to the women about fashion. Shari has a unique ministry and it shows in the never-ending lines at her table. Women want to feel beautiful and she shows them how! I didn't get a photo of the women swarming Karen's table for her "Brain in a Binder" kits she sells. When her workshop is over it's like the NYSE trading floor as the women scramble to take home this great organizational tool!

And we had to get a shot of us with the Go Fish guys. Our kids went to their VBS this summer and think they are SO cool. We wanted them to think we were cool too by default. Hence the picture.
If you are looking for some great music to play for your kids, check out Go Fish's cd's and if your church is looking for an awesome VBS experience for next summer, check out their curriculum.

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Anonymous said...

Will you be at the Hearts at Home Conference in Rochester, MN? I will be attending with a friend. Stacy

Marybeth said...

Yes Stacy! We will be in Rochester in about a month-- please come by and say hi!

Stacy said...

I can't wait to meet you! I get the P31 daily devotional. About two years ago you wrote a devotion on homeschooling your children. It really spoke to me and I prayed over that devotional so much. We are now homeschooling our children. We have 5, ages 4-11. I have followed your blog ever since that devotion. I can't wait to stop and say, "Hi!" Can you tell I'm excited, see you then! Stacy

Chinamama4 said...

Sure hope you'll be in Bloomington next spring! I enjoyed your Financial Freedom workshop so much! And you're right about Karen's "Brain" - I survived one of those crowds to get one!

Shannon said...

Oh...sooo wish i could meet ya at Hearts at Home in Rochester! I live about 2 hours away....

Love Go Fish. They are from MN, and I am planning a music fundraiser for an organization called Hope Blooms that I started. Asked Go Fish to donate their time! But their booking agent said no...Bummer! Excited that you go to meet them!

Kelly said...

Marybeth, you look awesome in your pics! You are my inspiration to now lose some weight...15 lbs is my goal...hearing yours and Lysa's stories of how you've lost weight this year are really inspirational and you both look fabulous!
I have read yours and Curt's book now twice too, it's really helpful and honest!