Monday, September 07, 2009

Daybook: Labor Day Edition

So I am getting this up a bit later than I would like. The holiday weekend has slowed us all down-- a pace I have welcomed before we dive into a busy week ahead. This morning Curt felt good enough to make us all pancakes and in a bit we will head to our town's annual fair, complete with crafts and rides and food. We figured out that for just three of our kids to ride on the merry go round one time (for approximately 3 minutes), it will cost us $7 in tickets. Sigh. All in the name of tradition! I grew up going to this same fair and now my kids look forward to it every year just like I did. The circle of life. Usually I take pictures at the fair but in the chaos of Curt's unfortunate accident, I left my camera at my friend's lake house! Hopefully I will get it back soon but I sure do hate to miss this photo op!

If you see us there, be sure and ask Curt to see his staples. I have new nicknames for him: "Staplehead" and "Frankenstein" are the most common. Yesterday my 9yo said, "Mom those staples in dad's head look just like real staples. He reminds me of a book report." Ok, so that was funny to me! I told her I might have to borrow that line for one of my novels someday...

And now, on to my daybook entry!

FOR TODAY, September 7, 2009

Outside My Window... blue skies and wispy clouds, a nice breeze. I saw some trees starting to change from green to red yesterday and felt a mixture of sadness and anticipation of a new season. My daughter, who loves summer as much as me, remarked that she is glad summer doesn't last forever or we would get bored of it. I suppose she's right.

I am thinking... about writing, or wanting to write. My Writer's Digest came the other day and that always inspires me. If you are a writer-- or dream of being one-- I recommend subscribing.

I am thankful for... a husband who makes pancakes for the family even with 6 staples in his head!

From the learning rooms... the Whalen school is closed until further notice. As of Friday (remember the big decision I alluded to?) all of my children are in school. (The preschooler is going three mornings a week.) I had one child at home and she was miserable without her siblings. She wanted to have a school experience like they are having. Even though she did not get into the school of our choice, we decided to enroll her in our local public school and see how it goes. We will keep praying that she gets into the school her siblings are going to while also praying that this choice proves to be an acceptable option in the interim. We spent most of yesterday shopping for new clothes and new supplies, which only added to her excitement. Mom got some new clothes too!

From the kitchen... grilled hot dogs and Baked Lays for dinner tonight with sliced strawberries topped with whipped cream for dessert. A simple, "farewell to summer" meal.

I am wearing... workout clothes. I plan to do my time on the treadmill after I finish this blog post.

I am creating...a recipe binder to finally organize the many, many clippings I have collected through the years. I bought a pretty lavender binder and a set of dividers yesterday while we were school supply shopping. This project has been on my "to do" list for about a year, probably. It's a daunting task that will prove to be, I hope, not as hard or time-consuming as I expected. Here is a good post about creating a recipe binder:
And another from real-life friend Jo-Lynne:
And here's a basic how to article:
Here's another idea, which is different but might be just the ticket for someone out there so I had to include it:
If anyone has the link to the original post I wrote about this, I would love for you to leave it in the comments! I found a lot of great links on this subject in my googling, but not my own!!

I am going... to spend time with my family today and run a few errands.

I am reading...Writer's Digest, Donald Miller's new book (review forthcoming)

I am hoping...for a smooth transition this week as another one starts school. Curt pointed out that this will be the first time in 17 years that I will be child-free a few mornings a week. He is hoping we can meet for breakfast semi-regularly! I am too!

I am hearing...children alternating between laughing and fighting, roughhousing.

Around the house...a slow morning gearing up to a busy day. Teenagers still sleeping, little ones playing, parents on their respective laptops.

One of my favorite things... fall decorations. Got sucked in by them as we were shopping yesterday but determined I did not really need them until I looked at what we already have. There's something about the rich reds and oranges and warm golds and browns that just make me sigh with contentedness. As sorry as I am to see summer end, I do love me some pumpkins and leaves!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Putting out fall decorations slowly (this is something I mess with from September til November); taping a radio interview about our book; taking some friends out to dinner Friday night; carpooling, carpooling, and more carpooling; making the recipe she includes in this entry, but I think I will serve it over fettucine noodles with German Chocolate Cake for dessert:
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Anonymous said...

Praying for staplehead - oh lord that comment by the 9 y.o. was funny! and praying for you friend. when do you leave for conference? write about that! mel

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing so much of your life! I really can connect and I look up and use so much of what you post. The story about your husband really got my attention last night. I prayed a lot for him. Thanking God he is doing okay. Also, when you said all your kids were going to school I laugh to myself because I brought two of mine home to do school on line. What God brings into our lives. I do recommend doing breakfast with hubby when you can. When all my kids were in school my husband and I really used lunch as a great time together. sorry for rambling! =0) have a great day!

Flamingo Mama said...

I'm anxious to hear how it goes for you with having all of your kids away from home. I just wrote a post on this that I am so sad that in 2 years my kids are all in school!! Of course there are many days I'm doing the happy dance about this....but gosh. What do I do next??? funny thing is that I'm praying about if i should bring mine back home and you were praying if you should send yours to school:)

i would love to see a post regarding the whole homeschooling thing..and if it's not too personal whether or not you considered homeschooling your teens.