Monday, July 20, 2009


Welcome to all of you who stop by after reading today's devotion! I am so glad you stopped by!

It's a new week! How are you going to spend it? I am spending it shuttling 3 of my kids to Vacation Bible School at a church about 30 minutes away. Even though it's a drive, I decided to do this particular VBS because they were offering the GoFish guys' curriculum. Having seen their energy, fun music, and heart for the Lord at Hearts at Home back in March, I knew that we couldn't go wrong. So we will be up early this morning to make our first trip there. I am looking forward to a fun distraction from our normal summer days at home... and some time alone while they are in VBS to work on the final touches for She Speaks, which starts for the speaker team in just a little over a week! The timing couldn't be better!

Later this afternoon, I am joining some friends for shopping for She Speaks and dinner. While most of my outfits have been planned for weeks, I will still have my eye out for that "must have" item! I love having something fun to look forward to and this shopping trip fits the bill!

My devotion today is a very personal one, as I share about times when I have neglected my marriage... letting it become dull and dingy. Where once I was excited to be married, I let busyness and stress deter me from staying excited. I let my marriage become commonplace. The longer I am married, the more I realize that this will be a battle I fight almost daily. But continuing to work at polishing up my marriage will yield big rewards... rewards that are more precious than diamonds!

How are you going to restore the shine in your marriage this week? I'd love to have you all share here-- maybe we can inspire each other! Read this post from last week for some great inspiration from author Tricia Goyer and be sure to check out the comments on that post.
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Marybeth (what a beautiful name!)

I found your blog through today's devotional. It was very personal for me, too.

My husband (I call him The Man Beast) says he doesn't care if I don't get out of my PJs all day and greet him having never showered. But I suspect he does - especially when he teases me about it.

I'm sure our husbands don't expect us to always look like the girls they married (after all, we do age)...but I do believe that we, as women, can put in the effort to still turn our man's head.

After all, what girl doesn't like to be flirted with by her man?

Thanks again for such a great devotional. I'll be sure to share it with my married friends.

Alyce said...

I seem to always be able to relate to you Marybeth! Its refreshing. I have not read the devotional yet in my inbox, but can tell its going to be good. The one thing I am going to be working on is keeping my nagging observations and opinions to myself and just pray for my husband and let God handle issues!

Karla said...

Yes! Great post today! (Of course, all you P31 ladies always bring such wonderful words of encouragement to us. :) )
From one whose "wedding ring" was not only dirty and dingy, but who almost completely trampled "it" under foot in the miry muck, oh may we wives make the conscious effort to, with a freshness that comes from our time with God, lift up our husbands with love, admiration and encouragement.
Thank you, Marybeth, for your encouragement today! :)

The Isom Family said...

Marybeth, I'm going to ask my husband to leave me one task to accomplish for him each day this week that will help us prepare to leave on vacation this Saturday. We already know that he's going to be working overtime this week, so anything I can talk off his plate will be a big help and one that I'm sure will be appreciated.
Thanks for today's message.


Linda said...

Dear Marybeth ~
May I share with you & your readers one more caveat in keeping your marriage shining ~ don't wait.
There were so many things I was going to do "better" when I retired (which wasn't very far off! I'd already give my notice!): travel more, talk more, be together even more, dress nicer, cook get the idea.
Only one problem, the best earthy present God ever gave me died before I could do all the "mores."
So...don't wait ~ now is all we have; call him at work, make a date, what are you waiting/saving "it" for?
Please don't misunderstand, we had a gift-from-God marriage ~ I told him EVERY day that he was the best present God ever gave me, I adored him and he knew it, the only "problem" we ever had was trying to out-nice each other.
Still, I guess it is human to wish we had done even more when the opportunity is gone.
So ~ do it now; it's all we have.
Peace, blessings & joy (also known as PB&J ~ sustaining food for everyday living!) ~

Glynis said...

Thanks so much for the devotion this morning. It speaks straight to my heart. God bless you!

Deanna said...

Thank you for the reminder. My main goal is to be submissive. I know that word is not "liked" very well, but it is what God says to do and when I am submissive, to God and my husband, there is great peace.

Deb said...

I've been married to the man of my dreams for almost thity-one years.

However, I think that I've been taking him for granted lately.

I plan to show him that I really do appreciate everything that he does for me and for our family.

Thanks for a wonderful devotion.

Kim said...

Thank you for your post today. I read it on my daily email.
I had not had my ring cleaned in a long time. It is an heirloom that has been worn by 4 generations of women in my family, so I should take care of it better. Just as I should take care of my marriage better. After reading today's post I knew it was time to go to the jewelers today to have my rings cleaned. Hubby's watch pin had fallen out so I planned to take the watch to be fixed while I had my rings cleaned. Hubby had the day off so went with me. I always feel a new sparkle when my rings are cleaned and it was today as well. As our jeweler handed my rings back my diamond sparkled at me like it was winking. It had not done that in a long time. It felt good to have the ding washed off. And to top it off, they only charges us $1 to put the pin in hubby's watch. What a worthy trip to the jewelers for a buck.
Now to work on making sure I keep myself polished.
I am off all summer since I'm a teacher. I find it all too easy to lay around all day in my pj's and never put on makeup, nor my contacts or brush my hair. I wonder what my hubby feels when he walks in seeing me like that. I'm going to make a vow that I will make sure I shower and dress daily before he comes home from work. Just from this kickstart of an email you sent out.

Susan Palmore said...

This speaks right to my heart, especially on this day - my husbands' and my 19th Anniversary. As it is, though, I am 6 hours away. We will celebrate when I get home!
Thank you for your devotions