Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Where I'm not... here.

Where I am... the kitchen, the car, the pool, the treadmill, the library, the pool, the grocery store, the Target and... oh yeah, the pool some more.

Don't you just love summer?
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B His Girl said...

You have a beautiful family. B

Courtney said...

kitchen? strike over?

Shirley... said...

Yes, especially the Target part!

I love your blog, Marybeth. I have been reading for a looong time, but this is my first comment.

Just wanted to say, "hi!"

Arlene said...

Yes, I looove the busyness of summer, till September rolls around. Then I looove the busyness of fall. And winter. And spring. Come to think of it, do we ever slow down ;-)?