Thursday, July 02, 2009

Mom's On Strike

The other day my husband announced I was going on strike. No cooking for 2 weeks. The kids will make their own dinners of either sandwiches, cereal, soup, mac and cheese, etc. (Of course I will help the younger ones.)

This was after several nights of them bitterly complaining about the well-balanced meals I worked hard to make. Meals that virtually went untouched. Meals that sat as leftovers in the fridge, growing mold like prize science experiments. I told Curt that I felt unappreciated for the amount of effort I put into planning the meals, buying the ingredients and preparing the food. He said that there was no need for me to do it if they weren't going to eat it.

So he announced the strike, which begins today. (I had to cook up the remaining meals that were in the house before the strike could begin-- I am practical, after all.)

I am looking forward to my strike. Wonder what I will do with all that extra time I am not spending in the kitchen?? What would you do with your extra time if you went on strike? I am hoping the strike will help change some attitudes around here. Sometimes going without something is the best way to start appreciating it again. Let's hope that mentality works with the Whalen kids!
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sweettea said...

Sit and relax and do something you enjoy! I once did something like that, but I like that your husband instituted it! I tried feeding them just rice at every meal.


Arlene said...

I think this is a great way to help them realize the amount of work and time that goes into preparing a meal, and how boring it can be when all you eat is sandwiches and mac & cheese everyday. Who knows, maybe they'll like meal prep so much they'll take over the kitchen from you (wishful thinking here).

As for what to do with the extra time, interesting question. I think I'd get restless at first, because I'm such a creature of habit and this would radically change my schedule. I guess I'd look for something to do while periodically peeking towards the kitchen!

Bonita said...

Since Curt was so kind and gracious to announce that you were on strike for two weeks, thus making himself the dream husband of every woman on earth, you should use some of that free time to be with him. Put a lovin' on that man while the kids are making sandwiches!

And spend a little writing and reading and thinking and all of those solitude type things that you enjoy so much.

Curt, you're the man!

Andresa said...

ooooo, a stike...IN THE KITCHEN....ooooo. My kids are too young to stike...but I have the same problem with my kids not eating what I make. I would love to read a book, that is what I would have done with my free time. I really love to read, and find that I have no time for it.

Anonymous said...

great idea! I was just saying tonight at dinner how I am tired of cooking and trying to figure out healthy things for the kids to eat and no one eats anyway!~ I think I may go on strike.. :)

Lori said...

I hope it works for you. My kids have been fending for themselves all summer as our schedule is so busy and they love it. Scrounging in the fridge and eating whatever they are hungry for whether it's a sandwich or cereal or yogurt. They can go a long time on peanut butter and jelly. I prefer them being independent. I've had some of my oldests friends over and they said they can't even boil water. What will those boys do when they go to college? I teach 'em early how to make eggs, pancakes, grilled sandwiches, and such. So just like Scarlet O'hara, "They will nevah go hungry again."
Have a great day and enjoy all your leisure:)

Courtney said...

relax, enjoy some good reading, give yourself a pedicure, the list goes on... I am sure those attitudes will quickly change. Can't wait to hear what you did on strike!