Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Cold In July?

I am sick.

It took me a long time to admit it.

I spent the first few days in denial. I mean, it's July. That's not exactly normal time to get a raging head cold that makes you feel like your brain is filled with cotton and your senses have gone on vacation. Not to mention the coughing. Oh, the coughing! I am just generally unpleasant and unhappy right now.

A few minutes ago I had to cancel plans with friends for tonight that have been on the calendar for weeks. We had all looked forward to this and I had to go and get sick and ruin it for everybody. So now we add the pity party to the general unpleasantness.

Be glad that you don't live at the Whalens this weekend! It's not a fun place to be because you know the old saying: When mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

I am praying for a full recovery before we start She Speaks on Wednesday. If you feel like praying with me, I sure would appreciate it! On a good note at least I didn't get sick a week from now. That would have been much worse. Oh, and my daughter is home safely from BigStuf. She is sleeping in the room across from me as I type this. She will probably be sleeping most of the day, as a matter of fact. But she is home, which is where I like her to be.
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Barb said...

Praying for Papa's healing touch on you today, Marybeth! I will be at She Speaks and look forward to meeting you...maybe! :O)

Bonita said...

Hmmm...look at the timing, right as She Speaks approaches. Praying you'll be healed and ready to tackle anything about mid week.

Elayn said...

Marybeth, last year I was in the exact place you are, but for me I KNEW it was the Lord who had sent the cold. I was still a smoker back then and the cold was HIS first tangible assistance to me quitting (like I was begging HIM to do) It did take going to the hospital a few weeks later and almost dying to push me over the edge - it's been almost a year of no cigs! - yeah, praise God. When you feel really lousy it's the perfect time to curl up on DADDY's lap and just let HIM love up on you! AND I know it's late but your devotion about your rings and pj's - major ouch for me. I live in a very difficult marriage but your devotion pushed me out of my pity-party and back into "Lord, what do YOU want ME to do about this" - Thanks so much. Praying for you!

awcamp said...

Marybeth, I'm praying for a full and gentle healing for you. You give so much. Now is a time for you to rest. May God's peace and grace be with you.

Karla said...

Summer colds are the worst! :(
Praying you feel better soon! :)