Thursday, June 25, 2009

Two Videos To Check Out!

This first one is my niece's audition tape for Tampa FL's American Idol. Basically this helps her bypass the long lines to audition. If Fox News Tampa picks her as one of the ten finalists, she goes to a mall to perform. If she gets selected there, she'll go straight in front of the judges at the upcoming auditions. I am SO excited for her and think she did awesome!! Please leave comments here or on You Tube to encourage her. The mall performance is July 1 so it's coming up soon! And if you live in the Tampa area, please go down to the mall that day and scream really loud for her!! I can't be there or believe me, I would be screaming my heart out.

The second one is the book trailer for my friend Mary's new book, Thin Places, which comes out this January. I am one of the fortunate people who has already gotten to read this book and I tell you it's a must read... so put it on your list. I would compare it to the style of Donald Miller or Anne Lamott (minus her cursing)-- very well written and spiritually powerful. So check out the video now and put the book on your "to buy" list for this winter!
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Shannon said...

Blessings to your niece..I would say she has a huge chance at getting her dreams to come true!

Could you post again about the book when it will be released? Love reading! Sounds like a story of moving on after tough stuff....


Anonymous said...

Ummm....WOW! All I can say! I cannot wait to get a copy of this book!

Good luck to your niece. She has a beautiful voice!

JenB said...

Your niece is GREAT!! I commented that I'm totally telling people I know her when she makes it! You know, "Hey, you know that Kelly Sykes girl on Idol? WELL, I know her! Um, well I read her aunt's blog, so that the same thing, right??" haha

Mary DeMuth said...

Great singing! Wow!!!!

And Thin Places comes out in January to those of you who watched the trailer. Here's some info:

Julie Coleman said...

Hey, Marybeth:
Thanks for posting the recipe for the peanut butter brownies. I made them over the weekend and they were a huge hit at the party we attended. They are similar to brownies I make at Christmas time, but the middle layer is made with creme de menthe. Also always a huge hit. Let me know if you want the recipe!

Best wishes to your niece in her audition!