Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Morning

So, how was your Easter?

Ours was wonderful! Such a great, relaxing day... and I didn't have to cook! We woke up to Easter baskets stuffed to the brim with candy and junky toys. Then I went back to bed. Daddy won Father of the Year by reading the Easter story to the younger ones while I was sleeping, or so I am told. After I got up, it was time to get showered and dressed in our Easter finest (for pictures, you know.) We went to my in-law's for lunch, which was so great. After an Easter egg hunt in their backyard, complete with filled eggs (some with dollar bills-- the prize of all prizes!), we came home and rested, then went to church at 6pm. After church the kids wanted to use some of their dollar bill prizes to buy Wendy's kids meals for dinner so we ate a late dinner and turned in. It was my idea of a perfect holiday-- no stress and not a lot of running around, with plenty of time left for rest.

Remember my life management notebook? (Thanks to CCEeyore for helping me find this link!) Well, I thought I would add this great FREE resource to my list of things you could put in it. And she also has a menu planner to download for free. Whoopee! (Only if you are a planning nerd will you get the sincere excitement in that statement...)

And here's another menu planning template that I just love. Thanks to Organizing Junkie for creating this-- love that it includes a blank for the recipe source!

(HT to Karin at Mommy Matters for the link to the planners!)

And finally, on this Monday morning after Easter, be sure to head over to Andrea's and read her "Mama Monday" today. I loved Tonia's thoughts on motherhood and especially think that all moms need to read her thoughts on accepting how God made them. Rich reading--
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cceeyore said...

MaryBeth ... here's the link to your life management notebook.

I think this week I am going to start working on a digital version of one of those. Anyone else have any ideas where I might find one already out there?

Arlene said...

Thanks for the resources - love the menu planner! I had a relaxing Easter too - no cooking is the best! Didn't do the Easter basket this year, though. Got my son the movie Bolt instead. He liked it much better, and since our church had an enormous Easter egg hunt he got plenty of candy, too.

Have a blessed week.

Courtney said...

we had a wonderful Easter too. Thanks so much for the resource links.