Friday, March 27, 2009

Things I Would Rather Be Doing Than Editing The Speaking Book Right Now

Don't get me wrong-- I love this speaking book. I just want to be done with editing it! Because there are so many other things I am ready to do. Things like:

1. Cleaning my house. It needs a good deep cleaning. Hmmm, I think I could call that spring cleaning, perhaps? :)

2. Clipping coupons and learning how to play the coupon game so I can reduce my grocery budget and save our family money. Thanks to my friends Paige and Brandi (because you know, you're a fine girl) for the tutorial on that this week!

3. Planning a fun Easter tea for my daughter and her friends. I plan to start here with my research. Oh, and we might just have to do this fun unit around here since eggs do go with easter and all.

4. Perusing curriculum catalogs and dreaming about what to order for next year.

5. Shopping for fun diversions for my children as we are making a more concerted effort for my children to spend MORE time with creative pursuits and LESS time in front of all things electronic-- tv, video games, computer. This is a never-ending battle and of course our children are going kicking and screaming down this path with us. I need to spend some time collecting things to do for those times when they say, "But I'm bored!" Books, paints, crafts, etc. Any suggestions? I love the Color Wonder stuff that Crayola makes. No mess means happy mama!

6. Reading through Real Learning by Elizabeth Foss again. I read it about this time every year. It's the perfect book to encourage homeschooling moms who might need a reminder as to why they are doing this again.

7. Reading The Shape Of Mercy by Susan Meissner. This book just won the ECPA fiction book of the year. I loved her book Blue Heart Blessed so much, I am sure to love this one!

8. Decorating for Easter... am afraid I've nearly missed the boat on this little endeavor-- it's almost here!

9. Working on my fiction novel. I love to do this so much, it hardly feels like work. I am not sure that means it will be any good, but I am having a good time trying!

10. Shopping for a journal. I have decided I need to do more personal journaling, as this blog is the closest I get to journaling and I can't share everything here. Because you people would never return if I started delving into my deepest thoughts on this forum. Trust me on that one.
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Shannon said...

just commenting on your number take the preassure off I once heard that in the moments when your children say they are bored, allowing them to be bored creates imagination. So I have allowed my children moments to be bored, they usually find something to do! We do have alot of craft stuff lying around...we live on 80 acres, that has been in the family for many years...thus there is always something for them to do, even though they think they are bored!


Jenny said...

It is the perfect time of year for gardening. Maybe allow each child a little are or pot to create a little garden, such as vegetable or butterfly. You can start from seeds and each child can watch as there endeavors in gardening produce plants. Just an idea!

Debra said...

It amazes me how you do sooo much!
Wow! You go girl!

Laurie Ann said...

I don't know how you do it all, Marybeth! Maybe you could carve out an hour or two a day just to do some of these things. Wowza!

Charlie H. said...

Here's my list-
Things I would rather be doing besides laundry:
1. Surviving the aftermath of a "Grandma sugar overload" as the kids detox.
2. Cleaning the toilet. (Now you KNOW how much I hate laundry)
3. Trimming the 80 fingernails and toenails that must be attended to, 60 of which doth protest.
4. Counting the grey hairs and wrinkles that have appeared out of nowhere. (Mommy doth protest!)
And finally,
5. Go to Walmart with all the kids who want everything and a husband who doesn't enjoy spending money. Ever. We are headed there now. Yippee!

OK, Marybeth, I am counting on you for this book. I am also counting on getting you to sign my copy in July at SheSpeaks! So face the music and do your thang!!! :) Use that brilliance, girl!

sweettea said...

If my kids come to me saying they are bored, I give 'em work! ;oP I do try to keep crafts on hand, kits, paint-by-numbers, those books with all the creative ways to spend your time (like rainy day books), puzzles, games, books... What about them making their own book? Writing a continuing story? Make a family newsletter? Scrapbook? A book of GOD's faithfulness? A thankfulness journal? Read stories on tape for younger siblings to listen to? Do this for the blind as well! Create a play/newspaper/skit/poem/story based on their lessons? Give mom a massage? Yes!

Bridget said...

I'm in the middle of "For The Write Reason" and can't tell you enough how encouraging it is to me! Speaking is easier for me, but a blank piece of paper or a blank computer screen makes me a train wreck. So please press on in editing, I know it will be a great resource just like "For the Write Reason" is. I'm going through it with the She Disciples group here in North Georgia.