Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Reader's Diary

Does anyone keep a reader's diary? This is a great post, and be sure to read the comments where readers shared their ideas.

This seems like a good idea to me, and one I wish I would have started at the beginning of the year. We are only on the third month of the year and I already can't remember what I've read!

I want a way to not only log the titles of the books I read, but also to keep track of what I liked or didn't like about them. Books are important to me-- a huge part of my life-- so why wouldn't I keep track of them?

I think this would be a good section to add to this.

Please share if you keep a reader's diary. How do you do it? And if you don't, would you like to?
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Judy Dearing said...

Marybeth, I really like this idea! I love to read and usually have two books going at a time. I will give this some thought.
Thanks, Judy.

Marybeth said...

I really like this idea too Judy! Thanks for commenting and let me know if you start one. I plan to devise some sort of system that will work for me very soon. It probably will be a section in my life management notebook.

Sandra in Phx said...

You know, I will be truthful, I wish I was READING!! I can't seem to find time in the day to do it...seems that if I am sitting for long enough to read, I am asleep. GGRRR!

But *if* I was reading, I think a reader's diary is a brilliant idea.

Rona said...

As I read books and come across points, comments or even scripture, I make note of it in a notebook. Kind of like taking notes. Of course, the books I read are home school related or that help me in my walk with the Lord.

Rona said...

Check out the Family Life Planner and Organizer at - I will be incorporating it into what I have been using for my life management notebook.

SheriYates said...

Marybeth, love that you are living financially free! We have been FREE for over 2 years and it changed everything! Just awesome!!

Readers diary. Well, what I have is a notebook with subjects in it. When I find something that grabs me, I find the section that it would fall under and I file it there. Because of this, I have a huge notebook of truths about so many things - God's goodness, God's power, God's healing, Unity, Debt, Love others - you name it, it's in the notebook (3-ring binder).

I also have a notebook in which I jot down the revelations I have. I carry one in my purse in case I have a "light bulb" moment while I am out.

I have one more notebook. This one says "dry cleaners" and under D for dry cleaners, are the names of the people that work there. It says, "Jimmie Johns" or "Jamba Juice" - all the places that I go. I look at their names before I go in so that I can remember and call them by name!

What an awesome tool. Our family vision is to influence kingdoms and nations through love. This is one of the ways that our family does this!
check it out - what an awesome ministry if you don't have a family vision.


DOakley said...

Hi, Marybeth:

I keep a book journal that helps me keep track of the books I want to read and the books I have read.

The idea is to write down 10 books you want to read and cross them off as you go. I also mark comments along the way--DNF (did not finish), OK, YUCK (that one's self explanatory).

As for more comments or recommendations of books, I do that through my page.