Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Great Laundry Tip

Though Sunday is a day of rest, some of us never get any rest from laundry. I thought this was a great money saving tip, and one I plan to try as soon as my current dryer sheets are gone!

No more dryer sheets!
Take a squirt bottle fill it 1/3 of the way with any brand fabric softner, fill the bottle with water. Spray a few times in the dryer after adding wet clothes. Your laundry will be soft and static free.

Another tip: I have started reusing my dryer sheets, and found that they work just fine the second time.
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Debra said...

Thanks for the tips Marybeth.
Have a nice Sunday!

Jennifer said...

I use a wet dryer sheet to fluff my dry clean only clothes. It keeps me from having to send them to the cleaners so often.

Ginger said...

I have never heard of using the water bottle and fabric softner before but I have reused dryer sheets many times. I just read the other day that using dryer sheets over a period of time will cause the dryer not to run as efficently and they will need to be replaced sooner. So, maybe the water bottle trick is the way to go if saving money is the object! Thanks for the tip!

ammy said...

Thanks Marybeth for the money saving tip! I love finding out about new uses for old things (Real Simple Magazine) and how to save!