Sunday, February 08, 2009

Backyard Bird Count

Have any of you done this before? I think it would be fun to do with the kids, and plan to do it at least one day during the count. I got online at my library and was able to reqest a guidebook for birds of the east coast-- so hopefully that will help us identify some of the different ones.

Want more information? This link tells you how you can participate. The count begins on February 13th and only runs til the 16th. So make your plans, gather your resources, and start counting!

PS. For all you homeschoolers, this counts as science... but don't tell the kids! They'll just think it's fun! Check out their page for kids to help you make it a full blown unit study, complete with information, games and coloring pages.
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rural momma said...

Just popping in to tell you that we got the Aqua Juice. It was the apple juice and my daughter took a sip and said, "It tastes like an apple." I started to laugh and told her that was pretty much exactly what your child said!! :0) Thanks for the contest, it was really a yummy prize.

tchrmom said...

We begin watching birds in Feb. b/c we live in the South. We have done the backyard bird count, but I think I get more excited than my kids do! Nature is SO inspiring!