Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Apologies

I apologize for my absence these past few days. Sometimes the well overflows with blogging ideas and deep thoughts and sometimes... not so much. I did finally finish my speaking book project and get it sent off to the printer. That was a great feeling! This week I am working on finishing up all the stuff that needed to be addressed (but wasn't) while I was finishing the book. So those items are what's populating my thoughts lately-- and that's not really the makings of intriguing blog fodder. Trust me.

We still haven't begun school in earnest. I still haven't instituted the "focused time" concept of blocking off time in my schedule to do just one thing and nothing else. I had a crazy week this week with my big kids being in exams and needing to be picked up at 11:20 each day-- which really cut into our time at home. Tomorrow I leave for a weekend with my cousin that has been in the works for a whole year. And Monday is a school holiday, which means all my kids will be home. With that in mind, I am aiming for our new schedule and school to begin in earnest on Tuesday. In the meantime, they are doing some independent work and playing with each other, building memories and character in the comfort of home.
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Sandra in Phx said...

I am sorry your week has been a bit crazy. I pray that the trip this weekend will be so refreshing for you!

Debra said...

Have a great time on your trip Marybeth. Enjoy!

Jess said...

yep - i completely understand. sometimes i write three posts for my blog in one and have to restrain myself from posting...other times i feel like i'll never have anything to say on my blog again.



Fiddledeedee said...

No pressure, but could you hurry it up with that speaking book!!!! Would a week and a half be too soon??

Hang in there, sweet girl. You're juggling act is inspiring! :)