Monday, January 26, 2009

Menu Plans and Other Plans

As I wrote a few days ago, my menu planning for last week never really got off the ground. My husband informed me sort of last minute that he was going to have to be gone for half the week (I didn't advertise that fact here for obvious reasons.) so I scrapped the big, heavy duty meals in favor of something more, uh, simple. (Read: easy) The funny thing is, my kids complained when I went back to cooking this weekend. "Can't we just have cereal and sandwiches?" they whined as I stood over a hot stove and stir fried chicken and broccoli and carrots.

These are the moments when I tell myself that someday they will actually miss the nice, hot, homecooked meals I labor to put on the table each night. Someday they will call me from college and ask longingly, "So, what are you guys having for dinner tonight?" just like I used to do with my mom.

Never mind that their idea right now of a "treat" is a frozen pizza or the announcement that they can choose their favorite cereal from the pantry and let that be called "dinner." There is no accounting for taste in this family.

And so, I am reposting pretty much the exact same menu I posted last week, and a list of some of what we are up to this week just to keep it from being a complete repeat of last week's post. Last week turned into a semi-strange week with a snow day, a child's birthday and my husband traveling. This week promises to be strange as well because... well, they all are, I am learning. Living with this many people who have this many desires and agendas and schedules makes life always interesting and most certainly never dull.

Monday) No big plans for the day-- my 14 yo daughter has her first voice class at our local community theater in the evening
Dinner: Chicken in marinara sauce (just chicken breasts cut into strips and sauteed in some EVOO then simmered for a bit in bottled marinara sauce), angel hair herb pasta (the boxed kind, sold with the packaged pastas and rice), corn

Tuesday) My 6 and 9 yo have their first homeschool theater class and my 12 yo has an orthodontist appt., Curt and I are going to hear Voddie Baucham speak at Charlotte One in the evening. (We saw him do part one last week. This week is, obviously, part two.)
Dinner: Country style steak over mashed potatoes, green beans

Wednesday) We have small group in the evening.
Dinner: Rotisserie style chicken, baked potatoes, peas

Thursday) Community Bible Study
Dinner: Homemade Chicken soup, french bread

Friday) I leave for Tyler TX to lead a women's retreat for the weekend.
Dinner: Chicken tacos (I will start the chicken filling in the crockpot before I go. This is just a bag of chicken breasts, 2 packets of taco seasoning and a can of chicken broth. Cook all day, then shred with two forks before serving. Simple and yummy! Also makes a nice taco salad or a burrito filling or a nacho topping. Take your pick.)

Saturday) I am still in TX, the kids have a cousin's bday party to attend
Dinner: Barbecue sandwiches, french fries, fruit (I have some barbecue that I made from our New Year's pork roast and froze that I will have Curt thaw out for their dinner.)

Sunday) I return from TX that night and my family will go to our small group's Superbowl Party. Unfortunately, I won't make it home in time to join them-- but I know they will have a blast and I am glad they have somewhere to go.
Dinner: junk food at the Superbowl Party!

Goals for the week:
  • Prepare and pray for the retreat I am leading. Your prayers are appreciated!
  • Finally send out the permissions I need to have signed for our book. (These are all going out to friends who shared their stories in our book, so I haven't pushed to get the permissions like I should have because they are my friends. Must. Take. Care. Of. This.)
  • Request photos of all my contributors to the speaking book and submit them to the publisher. This is another one of those things I find myself procrastinating about but need to attend to!
  • Work on some devotion ideas I have for P31.
  • Make final arrangements for a field trip I am planning.
  • Make appointments for my daughter to see an eye doctor and her physical therapist.
  • Finalize sitter arrangements for a couple of out of town trips for Curt and me that are coming up.
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Sitesx6 said...

I HEART Voddie! He speaks at the Colorado Homeschool Conf. (I don't live in Colorado, but my sister lives in Wyo. and attends the conf. yearly.) She sends me the CD's. He is GREAT GREAT GREAT.
Enjoy and post about what he speaks about, if you have time.

Kelly in Michigan

Sandra in Phx said...

Wow! That is a very busy week! Praying that it goes smoothly for you:)

Laurie Ann said...

Sounds like a busy time ahead. Keeping you in my prayers...

Didi Gray said...

I am always blessed by the p31 daily devotion but today it realy hit the mark. I am a paster and a mother of a very sick child who to was told she would not live and have many thing wrong. But God was bigger then the reports of the Dr.
She was a premmie and had many food and chemical allegries and intestinal and digestive problems that effecte her very life from birth to now age 9 we are fighting to have a normal life that for others is not normal but the Grace of God has been so wonderful in the midst of the fear. The Lord promises me He is faithful over her life and has kept her thus far so why worry when He is in control. I mean I give up my need to fix it (her) and allow God to rule over her life daily. She has grown into a child filled with compassion for others and has such an understanding on how God works and how he heals,his mercy and grace that it has touched many lives.
My husband and I thank God daily for the trial that has made us so much more dependent on the Lord and
given us insight into the heart of the father regarding his children who are in need of healing in any area. So if a mother is going through this with me, God is faithful even when we think we can't handle the burden he says it his. We are still fighting for total health daily but fear dosen't rule us any more peace does.
Love in Christ Didi Gray