Thursday, January 01, 2009

Just For Fun

Which Friend Are You Quiz on

Your personality: Like Chandler, you consider yourself the only "normal" member of your social group. And considering how strange your parents were, that's quite an achievement. Always keeping a sense of humor, your intelligence shows in your quick retorts and use of sarcasm. Despite your hard shell, however, you have surprising depths of emotion and sympathy, proving to be an excellent friend.

(I was pretty bored tonight... can you tell? What's even more disturbing is how accurate this little personality profile was (except for the part about me thinking I am the only normal one among my friends... I know I am not!) I ask you, who needs the DISC when you have the friends quiz?)
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Shannon said...

I was Chandler too...


Sandra in Phx said...

Oh my...I am Joey! LOL