Sunday, December 21, 2008

Prayers Appreciated

I have two friends who are both pregnant with little boys-- who are also, coincidentally, the mothers of all boys (bless them!). My one friend Ariel had her little boy on Friday. He was smaller than her other boys, and the doctors were concerned about him during the latter part of the pregnancy. He was born with a hole in his lung that has now healed, but the doctors have now discovered that he has some spots in his lungs that they are treating with antibiotics. Ariel will be coming home probably today, but little Colby might have to stay in.

My other friend Whitney is a fellow speaker team member. She went into the hospital in active premature labor on Friday and was advised to take drugs and go on bedrest to try to eke out a few more weeks for his lungs to develop. So this family could use your prayers to for her little one to stay put!

I know there are some of you out there who will feel burdened to pray so I felt led to share these two needs. I know they would appreciate knowing you are praying for them if you'd like to visit their blogs and leave a comment!
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Laurie Ann said...

Praying sure and update us so we can send praises to God.

rural momma said...

I enjoy praying for others. It is a great priveledge of the Christian life to others to the throne of grace. Please keep us posted.