Monday, December 08, 2008

Menu Plans and Other Plans

I thought I would share both my menu plans and my plans for this week all in one post as I have been doing in the past. I like doing this because it holds me accountable to actually do what I say I am going to do. Not that you guys would hunt me down if I didn't do these things... but it just feels good to post my goals for the week and know that it's out there.

So, here is my menu for this week: (you might recognize a few meals from last week that were holdovers due to changes in plans-- it happens)

Monday) Vegetable Beef Noodle Soup, Garlic Toast

Tuesday) Margarita Chicken over yellow rice, side salad

Wednesday) Chicken and Potatoes, Glazed Baby Carrots

Thursday) "Fake Chick Fil A" (This is what my family calls those Tyson frozen breast patties on buns), frozen french fries, fruit

Friday) Roast, green beans, mashed potatoes, colonial brown bread

Saturday) Spaghetti with homemade meatballs, crescent rolls

Sunday) Eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, cinnamon bread

(For more menu plans, visit

And here are my goals for this week: (We have a week that, other than CBS on Thursday, is pretty light so I am planning lots of things to get done at home!)

  • Get started on my baking. I want to bake a loaf of some kind of bread for each of my three children's CBS teachers. (Thursday is our last day til after Christmas.) That means six loaves! Thankfully, I have a recipe for pumpkin bread that is in my ebook that makes three loaves at a time. In just two batches, I will have enough. I would also like to make Colonial Brown Bread (without raisins), Cinnamon Bread, Peach Muffins, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, and Rosemary Peasant Bread. I won't make all these in one week, but would like to tackle at least one kind per day. I love to bake!

  • Get the tree up and do our Advent devotion that we couldn't do last night because the whole family wasn't together.

  • Make crafts with the kids. I have a list of supplies and need to get to Michael's or somewhere like that to pick up what we will need. I used this book from the library to plan out what we are going to do. There are also a number of resources on the internet if you start looking around.

  • Write one devotion a day for my book that is due January 1. I have 14 more devotions to write, plus editing and formatting all the submissions. Think I can do it?? I hope so!!

  • Watch Cranberry Christmas with the kids tonight on ABC Family and use this link to do some educational activities during the week as a follow-up. I love the Cranberry series, so it was a treat to find out that they had made a new special based on this book this year! I have the book on hold at the library so we can read it, too.

  • Read our Christmas books throughout the week. I have a list in my ebook of books we have loved and read every year.

  • Think about making gifts. Thinking about it is about as far as I will probably go. But isn't it the thought that counts? I do want to let the kids decorate some brown paper bags with buttons. Ammy did this with a plain brown lunch sack at the Elevation homeschool moms' party I hosted last week and it turned out super cute! She simply glued red and green buttons onto the bag in the shape of a tree, then folded over the top, punched holes in it and strung a red ribbon through it. Seriously cute!!

To order my ebook filled with recipes and inspiration for busy moms like you, go to this link:

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Sandra in Phx said...

I am a forever list maker so I always enjoy seeing what other people are doing. Sometimes it motivates me to make different plans or rearrange mine!

I haven't heard of the Cranberry series so now I am going to have to do a little research on that. And I need to make a list of books to get from the library for Christmas! Thanks for the reminder!!

Bonita said...

Yummy! I would post my menu for the week, but it looks sort of like this:

Monday- I dunno
Tuesday- I dunno
Wednesday- I dunno

Get the picture.

Anonymous said...

Your week sounds as busy as mine and I don't even have the TV to contend with. Good luck with your to-do list.

Kelly said...

Hi Marybeth! Thanks for letting me know the scarf made it to you and that you are enjoying it! I loved seeing the pictures of you wearing it, it looks really lovely on you, a good color for you! It's just a straight knit stitch (no pearling) with Lion Brand Homespun yarn on size 10 needles (in case your friend who knits wants to know). I think I cast on about 20 stitches. I am glad you won it, it's a great color for the holidays.
About making gifts..I have knitted a few scarves and am going to make up some scented bath salts too for gifts. I found some ribbon yarn at the dollar store and am making some multicolor scarves which are more delicate and decorative than warm. I am hoping to get them all done by Christmas!! :-)

Melissa said...

Thank you for the link to the Cranberry Christmas lap book ideas, my 7yr old has developed a love for these as she loves to show them off to the Grandparents when they visit.
Also Good luck with your list for the week i to am a list maker but often I am happy it I accomplish half of what was on my list for the week.

Mom to Five said...


I am a Mom of 5 young children and see that you are one up on me:) Do you have any other easy meals to add to my boring rotation? I am finding that we are in a rut right now with dinner.

Arlene said...

I also bake for my neighbors at Christmas. It's a tasty treat, economical, and always appreciated. We're reading Christmas stories now too - yesterday we read "If You're Missing Baby Jesus" by Jean Gietzen. I highly recommend it, though I have to be careful not to cry while I'm reading. A great story about giving.

Have a blessed week.

Micca said...

I love your menu Monday's! If only i could get you to cook it for me too!
Hey, is margarita chicken legal?