Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Christmas Post Day 6: Create A Christmas Notebook

This year I decided to make a Christmas notebook that I can add to throughout the season, then pull out next year in November to start planning. In a way, my Christmas ebook is the culmination of years of collected notes, so this is my way of starting all over again with all new ideas, thoughts and inspirations. The photo above is the notebook I made, a work in progress which currently holds recipes, the printed off copy of the advent guide from Veritas (link in Sunday's post), and a few other things. But what else should I include? I did some internet research and was delighted to discover that I am not the only woman out there who is keeping a Christmas notebook.
Here is a great article I found on making a Christmas notebook.
I was amazed at the number of links that were out there-- who knew so many people keep Christmas notebooks?

This is a whole site devoted to Christmas notebooks.

Christmas Notebook Organizes Season

Christmas Planning Notebooks (Training Tons of Sons)

Organize Christmas

Holiday Planning: A Christmas Notebook

Christmas Kitchen: A Christmas Notebook
Do you keep a Christmas notebook? Has this post inspired you to start one? A great thing to slip into yours is my ebook (print it out on both sides of the paper and punch holes in it)-- don't forget to order yours in time to put it to use this season!
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tonsofsons said...

Thanks for the referrer. Happy notebooking!


Laurie Ann said...

I do a Christmas binder. I have it broken down by:

Calendar (Christmas parties, shopping days, etc.)
Gifts & Such (Includes gifts and wish lists)
Food Lists (Who will bring what)
God Time (prayer requests/journaling & Bible verses, also glue in meaningful pics - one page for each family member with their name front and center - as they come to mind, they go in the journal)
Reflections (memories of Christmas past)

Seems like there are 2 more sections that I can't think of right now...need to keep binder with me at work!

Kim Ashley said...

Oh I love this idea. It always seems that every year on Christmas Eve I think about something I've forgotten or wanted to do during the Christmas season. Even though I am single I think I'm going to start one so that when I do have a family(hopefully) I'll remember all these great things and be able to start traditions. I love reading your blog!! What a great inspiration you are!!

Mdearing said...

I am so excited about this binder idea since I have it all laying on my desk in piles anyway! This past Thanksgiving we spent more time in the car traveling then at our destination. I think my binder will include Thanksgiving as well.

Anonymous said...

You may be interested in the website It is devoted to keeping Jesus the focus of Christmas and life. it is a wealth of information!

Sandy M. said...

I have a Christmas notebook and I love it! Here's a website to check out:

A cute idea is to put a Christmas sticker on the 25th of each month on your new calendar/planner and take a bit of time on that day to plan for next Christmas. I think I heard that referred to as Rudolf day. I actually have little round stickers of Rudolf I use. I got them at a teacher supply store to use on small charts.

Plano, TX