Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Post Day 5: Making Gifts?

With the holidays falling during some of the worst economic times our country has experienced ever, the concept of making gifts appeals to me. But what? How? Can it be done if someone is not really crafty, can't sew, and once burned herself with a hot glue gun so badly that she had to sleep that night with her hand thrust in a glass of cold water just to stop the throbbing?

Or am I a lost cause?

I like to think not, and yet I am in desperate need of ideas for the craft challenged.

I found this link for making candles in the crockpot, and that was my first glimpse of hope. (ETA: She's done it again! This time she made soap in the crockpot!!)

This is a great site on handmade holidays to check out.

And here's another one.

And I like her collection of ten elegant, inexpensive handmade holiday gifts.

So, what are you planning to make as gifts this year?
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Shannon said...

One of the gifts I am giving this year is...

1. get inexpensive votive holders in WalMarts craft section. The clear ones are the ones I use.

2. Getting a 40% of coupon for Michaels Craft store and getting Etching Cream.

3. Another 40% off coupon and getting the stencils for the ectching cream

Making one of a kind votive holders. I am putting in the little Tealight non flame candles that I got cheap through LTD Commondities, or a votive if my gift receiver likes to burn candles.

Anonymous said...


I am making those decorated serving spoons and forks. I went to a local store and bought serving spoons and forks for .75cents each. You take silver wire(like you would make jewelery)and different beads and wrap the handle. Obviously these cannot be placed in the dishwasher but they are really pretty and are a great gift.

Have a great day
Tricia in KY

flmom said...

Thanks for the link to the crockpot candles! I have one crockpot I no longer use for food due to the crockpot not being lead-free, but it would be perfect for a project like this.

The only thing I am making this year is a ragged quilt for my youngest.

Valerie said...

You know, you don't have to swear off glue guns now that they have the low melt variety. Even if you squirt the glue directly on your finger, it won't burn it.

I'm making recipe books for my sisters and soon-to-be-sister-in-law. It's a decorated binder filled with page protectors with family recipes and plenty of space to add.

Alyce said...

Oh I have an idea for you. We just did Christmas with my brother in law and his family onFriday (they are in GA and come home for thanksgiving). This year we decided to do homemade gifts. I made my sister in law coasters. Go to Lowes..go to the tile section..get the small tiles..32 cents each..get the matte..not glazed. go to Michaels..get some sheets of cork, spray adhesive, a stamp, STAZ ON ink, and some acrylic sealer. Wipe the tiles off..apply the cork (cut to size) to the back of the tile w/ adhesive. Let dry..flip over.. Stamp the tile..let dry..then seal. Wonderful gift!! I also bought her linen napkins and stamped those the bottom. If you are really interested and want to see a link or pics from the blog I got it from, let me know. I also make soap.