Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Post Day 18: Have A Gingerbread Theme Party

In my ebook A Recipe For Christmas JOY, I wrote all about the Peppermint Tea my friend Cindy and I threw for moms and daughters. Well, having a gingerbread tea would also be an excellent idea! Here are just a few activities you could do:

(Note: These ideas were all shared on a moms' group I am on, and I just compiled them.)

In past years we have decorated gingerbread men...with frosting and raisineyes, red hots for buttons down the front. I give my kids a ziplock bag with the pieces they will need and another sandwich bag filled with icing and I cut the corner of the bag so they can squeeze out the frosting and decorate.

Have a Gingerbread man Hunt. After we have decorated the gingerbread men, we distract the kids and the gingerbread men run off, (like in the book) and we have clues to lead them to different places to look for their men, when we find them we eat them.

Make a Scented Gingerbread Man Ornament Using Sandpaper

This was a cute gingerbread matching game you could let the kids play.

Here's an idea for making those cute little gingerbread men chains using a brown paper grocery bag.

And last but not least, check out this video produced by Disney about making gingerbread houses starring Michelle, who played hostess to us on the Disney Mom Blogger trip! Very cute and so interesting! My girls enjoyed watching this, so call the kids in!

(Want a list of great gingerbread books to read? Check out this other post I wrote!)
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