Monday, November 03, 2008

A New Week/Menu Plan Monday

It is Monday morning bright and early-- and thanks to the time change, I am up bright and early! When Curt's alarm went off at 5am, I knew it was hopeless to go back to sleep because it was really 6am to me. So, after grousing around in my warm nest of a bed, I got up and got a large mug of coffee, then dove into what promises to be a busy week. Here's a breakdown:
(I included our menu plan for the week in the breakdown.)

major housecleaning day
get estimate for new countertops
watch a friend's child for an hour, visit with my friend for a bit (hopefully)
finish up our Election study and lapbook (will post photos later!)
Daddy/Daughter date night for 8yo girl
Rehearsals for oldest's play
Dinner: sausage and wild rice casserole, salad, cooked apples

Election Day
orthodontist appointment for my oldest to get his braces off
dental appointments for the 8 and 6 year olds
8yo works shift at Kids' Voting booth with her grandmother
Rehearsals for oldest's play
Dinner: Election returns in front of the tv-- takeout pizza and some sort of fun dessert

Monday's Artists (use time kids are in class to write)
Tidy house and prepare dessert for moms' group meeting (I am thinking of making these Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Squares.)
Host Elevation homeschool moms' group
Rest of the family will go to our small group meeting
Rehearsals for oldest's play
Dinner: beef tips over rice, green beans

Community Bible Study
Classical Conversations organizational meeting
Rehearsals for oldest's play
Dinner: Italian Baked Chicken, mashed potatoes, corn

oldest starts performances of Annie Jr. at Matthews Playhouse
leave to speak at women's retreat in Valle Crucis, NC for the weekend
Dinner: spaghetti, homemade french bread using recipe from the new fall edition of The Old Schoolhouse

Goals for the week:

  • Send back our book to the publisher with final edits finished
  • Prepare and pray for the retreat I am leading this weekend
  • Write devotions for the new book I am working on-- a sequel to For The Write Reason, this one on speaking
  • Schedule my younger ones to make handprint tiles to go with the ones my older ones did years ago
  • Order return address labels for our new address
  • Take dry cleaning
  • Finally send in some photos I need prints of so I can frame them to hang on our very bare walls!
  • Write a Christmas-themed P31 devotion to run in December
  • Complete my CBS lesson for the week
  • Pull out/request at the library Thanksgiving books and plan our Thanksgiving lapbook, look for any fun Thanksgiving crafts or activities we can do that are 1) easy and 2) not messy
  • Start looking for coordinating (notice I didn't say matching) clothing for our family to wear for a portrait we will be sitting for later this month. Yes, Lord willing, I will be replacing that photo at the top of this blog with a more updated one very soon!
I think it's good to set goals for the week and to take a few moments to look over your week before you dive right in. This week will be busy, but in a good way. It won't go exactly as planned and for sure I won't accomplish all my goals. But it's good to have a plan and work towards it.

What are your plans for the week? Leave a comment with a link if you write a post sharing your plans and goals!
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Lysa TerKeurst said...

okay... now I am totally inspired to get off my duff and actually cook this week.

I will get some sort of plan today and work towards that.

Thanks for the inspiration.

You don't by chance sell your leftovers do you? smiles!

Tammy W said...

Wow! I like the way you organize all that with your to do list! Awesome. I too have 6 rugrats!! I may have to steal that idea! Bookmarking! said...

Oh. My. GOODNESS. Just reading your list is making me tired. Here's our list:
Tue join Y
Thu playdate with friends
Fri gym class

I need to say, though, that my list has looked much like yours up til now, this self-induced activity fast.

Jill said...

I didn't realize you were doing a follow-up to For the Write Reason - I am looking forward to reading it! Blessings on the busy week, Jill