Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Thanks to all of you who drop by after reading today's P31 devotion. I am so glad you visited my blog! Scroll down for some great fall recipes to make for your family and a link to an article that parents of teens can all benefit from reading. I also listed Seven Truths About God's Love, with corresponding verses to meditate on. Oh, and don't forget to go to this post and leave a comment for your chance to win Chris Tomlin's new cd. I will randomly choose a winner and announce it here this evening so don't delay!
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your devotional. God has brought our family through a difficult time. My husband has a good job that is now aligned with his talents and skill. We have been able to rent a house that we were trying to sell for a while -PTL! And yet, this week I found myself, "looking back" and saying it would be so nice if only...Ahhh! Your devotional was what God needed me to hear. He is in control and his ways are better than mine. He wants us to go through the "rain" to grow us and I will praise him when it rains and when the sun comes in the morning. God bless you!

Leslie Oden said...

Dear Marybeth,
I really enjoyed your post this morning about looking back to Egypt. My husband and I are planting a new church, and though the church is thriving and growing, being Lead Pastors is not an easy life. It's tempting to look back to a time when we had a secular job, a good steady paycheck, and a more comfortable life. Thanks for the reminder that all of that is my personal "Egypt". Great Blog, added you to my favorites!

Leslie Oden

Julie said...

I have enjoyed your devotional messages for many months now. It seems i've been walking through the rain and valleys for so long, but patience is what I need. Patience for mountains ahead of me. When I look back, I wonder how I ever came to be on this road now and why. My time of peace is in the morning, right when I get up and then next hour is mine to share with the Lord. Your words bring me closer to the Lord everyday. Thank you.

Judith Hernandez said...

You devotional was very good, I am here in Monroe, too. It is good to know that there was more people praying for rain.

Erica Miller said...

Todays devotion was exactly what I needed. Our family has been going through some very difficult times. I have spend more time getting closer to God the past 4 months or so and that is the way I want to stay! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Simple stories girl said...

Thanks so much for your encouraging words. It is so easy to dwell in the negative. We have an enemy who is always willing to help us seek out negative things rather than fixing our eyes on Jesus. (Heb. 12:2) Thanks Marybeth for your great reminder today!

Becky said...

I just came over from your P31 devotion to thank you. It was exactly what I needed to hear today.

We need to decide if we are going to continue on in an adoption process that has been long and frustrating. It feels so much more comfortable to walk away from it all. I also am working on losing weight and that is never easy either. And I've been feeling really insecure about an area of ministry I feel God is asking me to pursue. Your devotion spoke to me in all three of those areas today. Thanks again!

: ) Becky

Tammy Nischan said...

Mary Beth, I posted my comment to your P31 devo under the post for winning a CD! But I just wanted to say again how much it meant to me even in this battle with cancer that Nick is facing to remember NOT to look back to Egypt! Thanks for continuing to pray for Nick.
Love, tammy

karijean said...

Hi, Marybeth

Just had to write and tell you that your P31 devotion really spoke to my heart today. I can so relate to what you said about your finances. My husband and I are taking steps to get out of debt, and as you know, it's not an easy or quick process. We are learning to trust God to provide instead of just putting things on the credit card, but it's still a temptation. But it helps to remember that our hope is in Him.

Thanks so much for the reminder to look to the Lord and trust Him. Too often I focus on our circumstances and forget how much God has blessed us.

Thanks, too, for the recipes. I have been wanting to make chili and apple crisp ever since it started getting cool outside!

God bless you!

Evidence of His Unreasonable Grace said...

This was a timely devotion for me, Marybeth. I go through those cycles of longing for the old ways - which I now know are wrong for me - because they were EASY. I, too, want to embrace walking in total obedience, even though uncomfortable, and possibly even wet from dancing in puddles. Thanks for sharing your heart.

Robin said...

Hi MaryBeth,

Thank you so much for the devotion today. It touched me so much to know that no matter what we go through, we can't look back. I know that all the struggles that we face are to help us grow and will one day be worth it all!! Again, thank you so much for your postings. I'm always blessed by reading your words of encouragement.

God Bless you,

Amy Carroll said...

God bless your transparency. I needed to read your message today as Barry and I work to be good stewards. When is your book coming out? I need a BIG dose!


Laurie Ann said...

Your devotional for today was actually very timely for me. I am being treated for a sinus infection, bronchitis, and ear infections in both ears. I was complaining about how the medicine was worse than the illness, and now I am properly convicted! Thank you so much! I will be grateful for the wisdom and skills of the doctors and researchers who come up with meds to get us well. I will not grumble....I will NOT grumble....Thank you!!!!!

Kristen Myers said...

MaryBeth, Thank you for your timely devotional today. My husband and I are also working to get out of debt. We are in our second year and are making progress. However, I agree with you. At times, I am so tempted when I look at how others freely spend and seem to find such happiness in doing so. I have to remind myself often where my true happiness comes from now.

Thank you for the reminder that I am not alone. Thank you for your blessing today.

Maribeth said...

I'm new to Proverbs 31!!! Thank you Marybeth, I have such a broken heart for my son who is struggling as a freshman in college. I feel so aggravated that he is having such a difficult time... not making any friends and not enjoying his new journey. You put words to my pain today and helped me refocus my energy on continuing to pray for him as he gets to where God wants him to be!! now just convincing him that this is just rain.... jump in the puddles!!!!!

Miss Sandy said...

Great devotional! Thank you so much for the reminder to be content and to keep our eyes fixed forward.