Sunday, October 12, 2008

Seven Truths About God's Love

Yesterday I spoke at an event in Rock Hill, SC. The group was delightful and the morning was fun. I was blessed to be a part of it. I gave the group homework (it's fun to be the teacher!), but I was a bit pushed for time and some of them didn't get all of the verses I gave out written down, so forgive me for using this blog for personal reasons, but I promised the ones who didn't get it that I would post the list here.

Who knows, maybe some of you need to do this homework even though you weren't there! Why not take one truth a day, read the verse or verses and meditate on that truth each day this next week. Seven truths in seven days!

1. God's love is not fair: Matthew 20:1-16
2. God's love does not stop: Isaiah 54:10
3. We can never go beyond God's love for us: John 21:15-17
4. God's love is perfect: I John 4:18
5. God's love is loyal: Jonah 4:2
6. Jesus gave us a new covenant that is based on His love and not our works: Hebrews 7:22-25
7. God is love: I John 4:8

And to those of you who were there yesterday-- don't forget that you are a 900 and you can experience God's lavish love every day! Thanks for having me--
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Kelly said...

Hi Marybeth,

You want to hear something cool? Mel and and I were also talking about God's Love in KY this weekend and the take home gift that was given out was something that you had written about God's Love.Your name was written on the front of the bag!

Today I am just basking in God's Love. I read the book of Ephesians this morning and although I have read it many times, this morning the words just lept off the page!
His amazing love for us can sometimes be a very good way!

Have a wonderful day,

Kelly V