Monday, October 06, 2008

A New Homeschooling Show On TLC

I got this and thought it was very interesting. I am already a huge Jon and Kate fan, so I will just add this to my viewing lineup! Check it out! I plan to!

My name is Kati Loud. We are the LOUD family. This stands for Living Our Ultimate Dream. My family and I have always homeschooled our children. We have taken the plunge to do what a lot of homeschoolers have always wanted to do.
We have given everything we own away, bought a fifth wheel and set off to travel the USA. We have been on the road for one year now,and it has been an amazing adventure. About six months ago a production company for Discovery and TLC found our family's website. They have been filming us for awhile to see how we homeschool , live and travel in our new small home.
We have learned so much about ourselves and our family. We have learned that it is not the things that we have that are important to us, but rather it is each other that is important.

We love our new style of homeschooling. It is amazing to go to Jamestown and not just learn about what happened there. It is about feeling how they must have felt, seeing how it would have been to be there. It is amazing how much more a child loves learning when they can see, touch, feel , and experience a place or a person. It is life changing not just learning.
We are hoping to share our story with many homeschoolers. Would you mind sending out an email to your group about our show? We would love to let others see this style of homeschooling and to also let those who may not agree with it to see that it can and does work for families.
At this time they are still working on a title for the show. The show airs on Mondays starting on October 20. We think the time is 8:30.They think it is on right before John and Kate Plus Eight. It will be on TLC. The first four shows that we have taped will be on each Monday for 4 weeks in a row.
We have a website that will have the exact time once we get it. Our site is

Thanks for your time
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Flamingo Mama said...

ooh! this will be a must watch for me too. the only show i watch is jon and kate plus 8 too;)

i was so excited....i got up at 6:45a and did my devotions! i thought of you as I laid in bed....marybeth can do this, so can i! serioulsy, i did. and i somewhat, sort of enjoyed it;)

Anonymous said...

OH - this show sounds so awesome! My children and I can't wait to see it. Like you we are fans of Jon and Kate plus 8! The kids think it is so cool that there will be a show about a homeschool family! Thanks for the headsup!


momanna98 said...

Oh! I am so glad I came across your blog. That show sounds so neat! I can't wait to watch it.