Monday, September 15, 2008

Menu Plan Monday/Weekend In Review

Hi all-- thought I would post a menu since I haven't in awhile and I am not really feeling creative enough to post anything else. Partly because I am tired from a busy, but productive weekend. And partly because I have had bloggers' block. Hopefully it's a temporary thing. I have been pouring a lot into my other writing efforts lately, which is what I think has caused me to be a bit lacking here on the blogging front. Bear with me, I don't think it will last long. I certainly hope not!

This weekend was good. I spent Saturday writing most of the day away. Saturday night Curt and I had date night. We went to dinner at a local family-style restaurant, a place where most of the clientele is 65 and over. It was quaint and not our usual dating destination. After dinner, we headed to Michael's, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, Dick's (Curt went there while I was in Michael's, as he is allergic to Michael's), and Barnes and Noble! An odd night, but a good one. Curt was on a quest to figure out something to do with our master bathroom color scheme (we found nothing we liked) and I needed some things for school this week. I am hoping to work on our first lapbook and needed some supplies from Michael's-- cardstock, glue, etc.-- to be able to make it. It didn't really matter what we did as long as we were together and away from the kids. We talked and no one asked us for anything, inserted their opinions or interrupted us. Date night is a good idea.

Yesterday I had a super busy, but fun, Sunday. We went to church, came home, had a few hours to eat lunch, make out a menu plan and grocery list and plan school for the week. Then it was time to head back to church to volunteer for an event. I do not usually volunteer at church, but since this was a one-time-only thing and we had nothing else going on, I thought, why not? I am not really in a stage of life where I can commit to ongoing jobs, but from time to time, I like to pitch in where I can. I volunteered to do food set up and to serve. It was fun to meet some new people and see friends. Then I dashed out of there to meet a friend for a movie. After the movie, I stopped off at the grocery store and did my grocery shopping for the week. By this time, I was so tired but I was determined to get those groceries! I knew I would be glad I did once it was over.

I came home at 10:30 and Curt helped me unload the car and put away the groceries. I went to bed exhausted, but happy. Happy that I have a week's worth of groceries in the house. Happy that I know that our meals are already thought through. Happy that we have a ready supply of things like toilet paper and paper towels in the house. (It doesn't take much to make me happy, obviously.)

Anyway, here's my menu plan. Hope it inspires you to make some menu plans of your own!
Monday) Individual English Muffin Pizzas, Sliced Apples
Tuesday) Loaded Baked Potato Soup, fruit, homemade bread
Wednesday) French Dip Sandwiches, baby carrots with ranch dressing, roasted potatoes
Thursday) Scrambled Eggs, Hashbrowns, Bacon, Coffeecake
Friday) Homemade Chicken Pot Pie
Saturday) Texas Two Step Chicken (recipe on back of Pace Picante sauce) over yellow rice, steamed broccoli
Note: Please notice that I did not schedule meals for breakfast and lunch. These are two areas I need to do better in! Breakfast is usually just cold cereal, granola bars, or toast and maybe some fruit-- whatever you can get on your own! Lunch is leftovers, sandwiches, sometimes we have macaroni and cheese (if my daughter agrees to make it) or heated up ravioli in a can. I will occasionally make pasta and pour marinara over it, or cook a frozen pizza or some hot dogs-- but never anything complicated. Another thing I do for lunches is buy a bag salad and cut up deli meat to make a chef salad for me and whatever child is in the mood for salad... but mostly we eat a lot of pb&j. And that's just the reality of my life. But I want to do better, really, I do.
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Debra said...

Thanks for the menu update. BTW- I bought the Fix it and Forget it book for crock pots. So far have made 2 recipes that have turned out good.
And I know the feeling of having the menus planned out for the week and having the grocery shopping done. Grocery shopping is my least favorite chore.

Arlene said...

My schedule is a bit different. Since my hubby is usually home for lunch and not dinner, that's our big meal. I try to make enough to have leftovers at dinnertime (though with boys that's not always the case). Meal planning has made grocery shopping easier and economical for me. It's also one less thing to think about during the week. God bless.