Tuesday, September 02, 2008

All Falled Up

Y'all, it's September!

And you know what that means, don't you?

It's fall, y'all!

Time to get out the colored leaves, bright orange pumpkins and cinnamon spice candles. I get excited just thinking about it! This post I found over at Kelli's House inspired me to ready my house, which was a good thing because...

Last night after we got home from dinner with my now 16 yo son (how did that happen?), I found an email in my inbox that said that our church's homeschool group had nowhere to meet tonight. I went to Curt and asked him what he thought about offering to host it here.

Remember now that we just moved in in July. And we are renovating this house that was built in 1982... and looks it. And also, we would need to meet in the dining/living room area-- the place in the house where we have stashed stuff we didn't want to deal with. Now granted, there isn't much left in there, but still.

I wanted to have new countertops before we had guests. I wanted all the rooms to be painted before we had guests. I wanted the old carpets ripped out and replaced with gleaming hardwoods before we had guests... but considering that we are paying for all of this with cash as we have it (six kids, one income, you do the math), that could be quite some time before I get my house "guest ready." Curt was all for having the ladies here-- he loves to have people over and, being male, cares less about the details than I do. He just likes the people here, who cares about the little touches we women try to add? As I told him why I was hesitant, he pretty much told me to get over myself and swing our doors open wide.

So I wrote back and said I would host. And I sort of thought someone else would also offer and then I would be off the hook. But no one did except me-- so we are having it here tonight! And I am getting over myself! I think it's good, because honestly, without this impetus, I would have probably kept waiting on my house to be perfect. And that's not what God asks of us. He doesn't command hospitality only if your house is house beautiful-- I can't find that part in the Bible, search as I might. He just says, open your doors, put out some food, and smile at those who come through your doors. Offer a haven, a place to put their feet up.

And hope they don't notice the places where the stripped wallpaper pulled off the paint down to the drywall.
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Arlene Grimm said...

Mary Beth, I was debating about getting out all my fall decorations this week but now I know I am getting up to the attic this afternoon to get my stash. Love your willingness to show hospitality. It is kind of like having kids, if you wait til you have the money to have kids, you will never have them. Likewise with hospitality, if you wait til the house is perfect, you will never have guests in your home. I know you will have a great time tonight with your homeschool guests.

Miss Sandy said...

From reading your blog I get a sense of a warm and wonderful person who can make others feel comfortable under any circumstance. I often have the same struggle as do some of my friends. We always remind ourselves that hospitality is about being warm and welcoming and making others feel comfortable and not about the decor. You already have all you need to succeed! Blessings on your gathering.

Rona said...

After reading your post where you mentioned the Pumpkin Coffee Creamer, I totally related. I was counting down the days and jump the gun a little as I put a few pumpkins out late last week and just this morning pulled out the rest, reevaluating what needs to be replaced. My most favorite time of year !!

Laurie Ann said...

I'm so ready for fall. I can't believe it's September already! Where does the time go? I hope you enjoy your meeting tonight. The folks will be grateful to have a place to meet and what better excuse to be in the middle of renovating if they do happen to notice things? LOL. You can always invite them back for an "after" visit for another meeting sometime.

Kelly said...

Your 1982 house is quite modern compared to my 1921 house!!
I know what you mean about inviting people over. Our living/family/dining room needs painting, and I keep telling myself I don't want to invite friends over (like for a tea party) until it's done. And I admit I've worried about what others think of my old house, old countertops, old bathroom, etc....but you know...when I switch it around and look at everything through different eyes..I am grateful to have a house even if it isn't up to date like many of my friends' houses...very easy to get caught in the trap of comparisons and not wanting anyone to see your old stuff...good advice from your husband, to just get over it!
Hope you have fun tonight!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got over yourself. I'm sure you were a blessing to many!

sarah said...

I just saw that you are the judge for this month's writeaway contest at Scribbit! Congrats. How cool is that. And I can say I knew you when . . . !

Blessings to ya!