Monday, August 11, 2008


Thanks to all of you who visit today in response to the devotion I have running over at P31. I am glad you visited!

My kids and I are at the beach right now for a week of fun and sun. I love being at the ocean. God's majestic creation is breathtaking-- His vast wonder is displayed as you stand on the water's edge.

My friend (and fellow speaker team member) Karen Ehman is on her way down to the NC coast to join us from MI today. They have a long 15 hour drive ahead of them, so if you guys think of it, would you pray for them? And also, if you guys could pray for my little 2 yo daughter, she is sick and miserable. I suspect an ear infection, and am going to try to find a doctor here who can treat her today. Please pray she will feel better soon-- we aren't getting much sleep and I am the only parent on the premises as Curt is back at home in Charlotte working!

I know in the grand scheme of things, an ear infection and some lost sleep isn't that big of a deal, but it feels like a big deal right now!! It's interesting that my devotion today is about stress-- I could definitely use some relief in this tight place!!

ETA: Well, we are back (three hours later) from the Urgent Care, where it was discovered that the baby has an ear infection in both ears and very swollen lymph nodes. She has already had one dose of antibiotic and will hopefully be on the mend very soon.
Thanks for your prayers-- I could feel the difference they made as I was referred from one urgent care that was already full for the day to another one about thirty minutes away! When we got to the second one, there was no one there. As we left, the waiting room was full-- God was merciful in that, while we did have a bit of a hassle getting there, once we did get there we didn't have to wait long at all. That in itself is a specific answer to prayer. Also, that she has something that can be treated and we were able to get her prescription filled-- when we got to the drugstore, the woman said it would be several hours before we could get the script. The next thing I knew the woman looked back at me and said, "Well whaddayaknow? I entered something wrong and now she's next in line!" She grinned at me conspiratorially-- she must have seen the panicked look that crossed my face when she delivered that piece of bad news! So, instead of hours, we waited just a few minutes.
If you all would pray that she would get some relief soon, I would appreciate it. She spent most of the time we waited in the drugstore holding her ear and crying. (I think that might be part of the reason why the woman "accidentally" moved us to the front of the line!)
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Amy Jo said...

Great devotional today! Thanks, Marybeth! Sending prayers for Karen and your family. Enjoy the rest of your beach trip. :-)

Sheri said...

I have to tell you how timely your devotion was today. You can read about it on my blog here (, I didn't write specifically about the devotion but about the verse. It couldn't have come at a better moment for me.

sagreen125 said...

thanks so much for the devotion today, as lately it has been a lonely time, of a time of working and no one there.
thanks to be reminded, God is there and with with us and is right there with us. It is hard when you sorta feel alone.But it was the word I needed, one of those perfect timely words from the Lord

Anonymous said...

Praying for those Ear Infections...I had them as a child and know how badly they can hurt! Sorry that she is in pain...also said a prayer for your friends for travel mercy! Hopefully, you are on your way to some restful fun and an enjoyable time together... thanks for the ENCOURAGEMENT from P-31 today....I feel closed in with my relationship with someone in my family and am praying for complete healing....I only desire a whole family....filled with laughter, love and a fragrance pleasing to God.

Laurie Ann said...

Loved the devotion for today. Several of my friends and I got a laugh because we got it at the same time and shared it with each other. So glad the Pharmacy Angel was on call! She sounds like a dear. Best wishes for your baby girl's speedy recovery.

Starr said...

I so needed and enjoyed your P31 devotion today. And, I am praying for your little one to feel better soon. Stress is unavoidable, it seems, but it's good to know we are never the ONLY one facing it. Also good to know God will get us through!
Blessings and have a great vacation at the beach,