Monday, August 25, 2008

Reading Instruction

I am teaching my fifth child to read this fall. He already knows how to sound out short vowel words (we worked on this last year), so we will move on from there. We are using Explode The Code, just like I have done with all the other ones. But this year we are using this idea, from Elizabeth's blog, Serendipity. Here is what she wrote:

Reading practice for the youngest: Read the Beginner's Bible with your child. Read one story a day. After reading, the child may dictate the story for you to print. she can illustrate. these pages should be saved in a notebook and used frequently for reading practice. In the beginning, the parent will probably be reading the stories in the book to the child. Over time, the child will read it aloud for the parent. when you reach the end of the book, begin again. The second time, the child will be reading most of the stories without help.

We did this for the first time today. The only problem with this was that the (almost) three year old loves this book so much, she kept taking the book! I think this is a great idea for any mom to do with a young child-- whether you homeschool or not!
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Truth4thejourney said...

Anytime you are teaching from the Word of God you are doing it the right way! God Bless as you begin your school year.


Rona said...

Another GREAT Bible book to use that has wonderful illustrations is The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones.